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Water, Water and More Water
John Reed – The Winkler Post ♦ October 23 2014 11:37:26

Water, or the lack of, has been a concern of this desk for many years and was the subject of the November 5th, 2009 posting, in the Winkler Post: "Kermit - Wink: 2059 AD."  At the time of that posting, we were thinking of what life in Winkler County would be 50 years in the future –in terms of our water supply.  Not a pretty picture.  Now, five years later, with the advent of neighboring water districts pulling water from the second smallest aquifer in the state of Texas, that furnishes OUR water; plus the influx of humanity into this area, plus the unimaginable amounts of water being used in the oil and gas industry; we have come to the conclusion we may have not needed to look so deeply into the crystal ball to see that same mental picture.  The concept of more water LEAVING and virtualy no water being put back into the "tank" is not a rocket-science riddle.

We are not insinuating that Winkler County has reached dire straights in its supply of water but, there are several communities we are all familiar with in our area that are so close to that point that their municipal leaders are almost ready to punch the panic button.  Their prayers for "... please let it rain" have evolved to "... please let rain –for days on end!" and spend millions of bond-dollars in search of readily available water.  However, with the amount of water being removed from the Pecos Valley Aquifer, "rain for days on end" won't even begin to recharge the underground supply of fresh water and bond-dollars may not yield the expected long-term results.

That said, although Winkler County's water supply is considerably more stable than many in our area, the quality of the water is noticeably different than it was 10 to 15 years ago.  For our new readers –trust us.  Although the water is very good, it is certainly not what it used to be.  And, we in Winkler County have not had to endure water use restrictions as our neighboring cities have.

So, what's the big deal about water, here, today?

Making absolutely, positively sure our faucet will fill our 40 million gallon water-bucket –in five to ten years for the next 100 years –or more.  Here's how.

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