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May 12th of 1944
John Reed ♦ December 11 2014 09:13:37

Regular readers of the Winkler Post will remember we have acquired several copies of the Winkler County News, dated in the Spring of 1944.  We have been highlighting the headlines and advertisements shown in the weekly newspaper –and will continue to do so until our small pile of newsprint is gone.  A list of previous week's postings is shown at the end of this posting and we think you will find the articles and graphics quite interesting; especially if you happen to be a history buff or a bona-fide Winkler County Ol' Timer.

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New readers should know, the Winkler Post is NOT affiliated with the Winkler County News newspaper that is currently in print.  The 1944 editions were published by H. G. Vermillion, the predecessor to the current publishers of the Winkler County News.  These editions may not be available anywhere but, here and since we are avid collectors of Winkler County's historical facts... We are sharing the war-time news and news important to the home-front as printed.  in those editions.

We would also like to make an appeal to our readers that may have old photos of Kermit, Wink and Winkler County hidden away in shoeboxes neatly tucked away in the hall closet or under the bed that would allow us to electronically scan those photos in an effort to preserve our visual history.  The scanning process is non-destructive and we will take the utmost care in the handling of your photos –returning them as soon as they have been added to our library...  Which, too, shall be shared.  We are primarily interested in photos prior to and including the 1960's –the older, the better.

The Winkler County News for May 12, 1944 –Above the fold.

The headline for this issue read "Seven Men Burned as Gas Well Catches Fire" –and a sub-headline of Blaze Still Out of Control; 5 Workmen in Kermit Hospital.

The Gulf Oil Co. gas well had "blown-out" Monday, May 8th and was releasing an estimated 35,000,000 cu. ft. of gas per day –igniting Thursday when sand or gravel came up through the well-bore, striking and subsequently sparking when it hit metal objects at the surface.  That was the theoretical cause as reported.  The well's name or exact location was not given but was generally referred to as "near the Halley tank farm", just off the highway about half-way between Kermit and Monahans –South of Kermit.  Crews from J. R. Sharp Drilling and Halliburton Services were on location, attempting to extinguish the blaze.

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