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A Caliphate and the Cavalry
John Reed, The Winkler Post ♦ September 13 2014 12:19:34

If one has been listening –truly listening; to world news reports in recent days, months and years concerning the ever growing strengths of Islamic extremists throughout the world, one will have heard the term "caliphate" and the acronyms "ISIL" and "ISIS" and may not have a grasp on their exact meaning.  So, we will begin with simple definitions of the three terms.

First is the term Caliphate –which simply means a unified religious state, region or country.  Secondly are the acronyms ISIL and ISIS which literally mean the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, respectively.  There are some nuances at play in these definitions that we will not delve into –these are the basics.  One further bit of explanation is the term "Levant" which is an old term that loosely means a geographic region; that may encompass multiple states or countries, generally referring to those in the Middle East.

In most news reports both the acronyms are being used synonymously and in this posting we will use the acronym ISIS.

We will also make an assumption that our readers are reasonably versed in the current affairs of Iraq and Syria plus the recent rhetoric of President Obama concerning the dire problems in that region; and hope the President's address to the nation was viewed in your household.  For those that missed the short address, we have embedded the speech (of 09/10/2014) in its entirity, below.

A short synopsis of ISIS' goals would be to state they want to create a Caliphate, complete and total Islamic rule, of the entire Middle Eastern region by whatever means available to them –as warriors, as terrorists.

Although there have already been numerous air-strikes against ISIS forces in Iraq, the President has called for more –and including air-strikes in the country of Syria, which is a stronghold and state "sponsor" for ISIS forces.  In essence, he has called in the Cavalry to quell the uprising of one of the worst, if not THE worst groups of militants –or terrorists the world has ever known.  In this case, the Calvary could, and may very well come to be known as the "Air Cavalry."

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