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Livestock Show & Sale
The Winkler Post for January 29, 2015
Livestock Show & Sale
Dena Floyd, Winkler-Loving County Extension Agent : John Reed, The Winkler Post ♦ January 29 2015 09:52:32

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There is something special about the Stock Show –and subsequent sale of project animals; in that it showcases the end results of months of care for a variety of furry four-legged project animals but, at the same time, it is the beginning of many life-lessons the kids have learned and will continue to learn throughout their enolvement with 4-H.  We have said many times in the past and will continue to say, "...4-H is the best thing that can happen to a kid."  Winkler and Loving counties are very fortunate to have strong ties to the organization.  It is, in our honest opinion, the epitome of adult interaction with adolescent children –second only to caring parents.

Now, we realize the care and feeding of barnyard animals isn't everyone's "cup o' tea" but, there truely IS something for everyone at the show and sale.  If nothing else, spend an evening at any one of the nightly events sitting and watching the 4-H'er's presentations and listening to the judge's critique and guidance for each animal.  You will come away with a new appreciation of their efforts and the kids themselves.  Parents and club leaders furnish guidance but, the kids take charge of the working end of that stick.

There's more concerning the competitive side of the show, below and we will try to post nightly results –or results as they become available, here, throughout the show.

This year's show will be judged by a variety of folks that have expertise in specific animals.  For the rabbits, Mrs. Alice Rogers, a long time rabbit breeder and judge will be judging this year's projects.  For swine judging, Mr. Andy Hart, District-2 4-H and youth specialist will critique the hogs and guide their handlers.  This event can be an interesting event to watch.  For Steers, Heifers And Lambs, Mr Raymond Quigg, Upton County Extension Agent, Ag and NR, will have judging duties.  If every one wanted to see a good lookin' steer or heifer, THIS is the event to attend.  Check Sarah Turnbo's example below.  It'll certainly give one a new appreciation for the next bite of prime-rib.  Mr. Joel Lanier, retired FFA teacher will judge the goats.  For those new to stock shows, this event can be quite entertaining at times.  The goat's handlers, we're certain, would use another adjective.

The 2015 Livestock Show & Sale will officially begin, for the general public, Sunday (February 1) evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Wink Expo Building.  The first showing will be several 4-H'ers who have chosen rabbits as their project and other projects will follow, nightly.  The complete schedule is below –click.

What Showing Livestock is Really About.
    by Micky Burch –Reprinted from the Purple Circle Magazine

Competition is a good thing:

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