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Kermit City Council: Updated
The Winkler Post for July 17, 2014
Kermit City Council: Updated
Regularly scheduled meeting of the Kermit City Council - Thursdy 17 July, 2014 - 6:30 p.m. - Kermit City Hall :: Texas Sales Tax Receipts for June, 2014
Diana Franco, Office of Kermit City Manager, Gloria Saenz ♦ July 17 2014 22:51:00

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This meeting of the Kermit City Council is a public meeting and, you, being a member of the public, are urged to attend.

This is an abbreviated agenda listing –the routine business items have been omitted.  For an official listing, please visit Kermit City Hall.

Any citizen recognized by the Mayor may appear to present pertinent information before the Council. The Open Meeting Law, Article 6252-17, V.T.C.S., however, prohibits the Council from rendering a decision unless prior notice has been given and posted publicly seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the meeting and the person(s) name and subject appears on the posted Agenda. Exceptions may be considered, if the request is accompanied by a statement describing the nature of the urgent public necessity requiring the addition to the Agenda no less than four (4) hours in advance of the meeting.

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Discuss matters of business from the public

Ms. Hope Williams addressed the City Council; expressing her gratitude –and that of various citizens she had conversed with concerning the quality of work exhibited by the City in their seal-coating efforts on city streets.  A job well done by all.

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Recognition of Visitors, Citizen of the Month and/or Presentation of Proclamation:  Roberto Moreno / Apostolic Assembly of The Faith in Christ

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Kermit City Manager Gloria Saenz informed the council that Mr. Moreno and members of the Apostolic Assembly of The Faith in Christ church have provided, and continue to provide, many community service deeds in an effort make our City a better place.  In recognition of their service, Mayor Jerry Phillips, on behalf of the City of Kermit, presented Mr. Moreno with a certificate of acknowlegement and appreciation of his (and church member's) efforts toward that community-wide effort.

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Approve Resolution 14-07:  A Resolution By The Mayor And City Council Of The City Of Kermit, Texas, Renaming "Kermit The Frog Avenue" To "South Tornillo Street."

Approved –Unanimously.  "Days of the Frog" are numbered.  The next step in regaining Kermit's Pride will culminate with the re-painting of the water tower (see the informational section below).

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Discuss and consider Ordinance No.14-04 on second and final reading:  "An Ordinance Of The City Council Of The City Of Kermit, Texas, Amending Title Xi: Business Regulations Chapter 113 Entitled "Hotels And Motels" Providing For The Assessment And Collection Of A Hotel Occupancy Tax; Making Certain Provisions Concerning The Subject; Providing A Civil Penalty And A Criminal Penalty; And Providing For A Severability Clause; Repealing All Ordinances Or Resolutions In Conflict Herewith; And Providing For Publication Hereof."

This agenda was approved and will become effective after a few mandated advertising sessions to formally notify the general public.

There are three major provisions of the Ordinance:  1)  Raising the Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax from a rate of 4%, which was established in 1981, to 9%.  2)  Tax will be collected monthly in lieu of quarterly. 3)  Establishing –noting the legal ability to collect the tax from establishments outside the city limits of Kermit.

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KISD Student Drug Testing Informational Meeting — July 31st

Superintendent Bill Boyd will host a public meeting to discuss the recently adopted KISD extracurricular and student driving drug testing policy.

This meeting will take place on July 31st at the high school commons area. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm.

There will be copies of the drug testing handbook available in English and Spanish. Superintendent Boyd will go over the handbook in detail and field all questions. If you have questions prior to the meeting, please give Mr. Boyd a call at 432 586-1000.

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