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Norma Carrillo Announces Candidacy
Norma Carrillo ♦ April 10 2014 00:40:36

Editor's Note:  As a matter of policy, the Winkler Post makes space available to all local political candidates to announce their candidacy for any given office.  Candidates should submit their letter in digital form and include a photo if possible.

Este anuncio en español

My name is Norma Carrillo.  I am pleased to announce my candidacy for City Council in District 5 and excited by the challenges of my campaign and efforts in convincing each of you that I am the most qualified candidate.

I have over ten years of banking experience and also have some accounting experience.  I have attended several of the city council meetings.  I have learned a lot by going to the meetings.  City Council are there to represent the people in their district not just to pass laws that they want passed.  The purpose of the council is a very important position as it holds responsibility to help city and city employees to live a comfortable life and to be proud of their community.  I pledge to listen with an open mind to your concerns and comments.

With privilege comes responsibility I also believe that going to conferences to continually learn as much about the position that they hold is a vital key for being an effective person on council.

The Reclaim Kermit project is continuing to help Kermit be a better place to live, and to help residents to be proud citizens of this city.

I do not claim to know how to accomplish everything the position demands, but I do know that I have experience in areas that help in this position.  I know what I am getting into  and I welcome the challenge!

Please remember to vote.  If you're not registered yet you can do so at the courthouse.  Each of you are a vital key for this community to flourish.  I respectfully ask for your support and vote.

Proverbs 11:14 – Where no council is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Este anuncio en español

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