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Simpson Announces Candidacy
Don Simpson -Write-in Candidate for Winkler County Justice of the Peace for Precincts 1 and 3 ♦ July 23 2014 19:48:50

Editor's Note: As a matter of policy, the Winkler Post makes space available to all local political candidates to announce their candidacy for any given office. Candidates should submit their letter in digital form and include a photo if possible.

To offer the citizens of Winkler County a choice in candidates for the office of Justice of the Peace; I am announcing my candidacy for that position -as a write in candidate.

The decision the become a candidate for Justice of the Peace was made after the current Justice announced she would not be an incumbent candidate, which was after the official filing date. The timing was such that I can only be considered on the ballot as a write-in candidate, by Texas' voting laws.

Although the duties of a Justice of the Peace in the State of Texas are extensive and varied, in general terms the duties entail presiding over misdemeanor criminal offenses (Class C); civil matters in "Small Claims Court" where the dollar amount is less than $10,000.00 and; issue search and arrest warrants.

An elected Justice of the Peace also administers the oaths of office to other elected officials; performs marriage ceremonies and acts as the County's Coroner when and where no official medical examiner is available.

As I said, the duties of the office is more detailed than what I've mentioned and I will attend the State required classes for ALL newly elected Justices of the Peace, as well as attending supplemental seminars to ensure Winkler County has a fully qualified Justice of the Peace.

I am a long-time resident of Kermit and, with my wife Vida's motherly help, raised two children in this county. I have also been involved in several community projects and will continue to be, simply to help Kermit become a better place.

Your consideration and effort at the voting booth will be appreciated.

Don Simpson
Write-in Candidate for Winkler County Justice of the Peace for Precincts 1 and 3.

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KISD Student Drug Testing Informational Meeting — July 31st

Superintendent Bill Boyd will host a public meeting to discuss the recently adopted KISD extracurricular and student driving drug testing policy.

This meeting will take place on July 31st at the high school commons area. The meeting will begin at 6:30pm.

There will be copies of the drug testing handbook available in English and Spanish. Superintendent Boyd will go over the handbook in detail and field all questions. If you have questions prior to the meeting, please give Mr. Boyd a call at 432 586-1000.

KHS Classes of 1993 – 1994 – 1995 – 1996

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