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Recycle, Reuse and Reduce
The Winkler Post for April 24, 2014
Recycle, Reuse and Reduce
John Reed ♦ April 24 2014 02:32:01
The Winkler Post
T'"-B: Mary Burch - The Crowd - Gloria Saenz

Tuesday evening's Earth Day learning experience, sponsored by the City of Kermit was well attended and quite informative.

Mary Burch, Assistant Director of Public Works, again presented the finer points of Kermit's new Recycling Center as well as explaining the particular Do's and Don't of recycling on a personal level as it concerned specific items.  All, in an effort to not only improve the environment we all share -Earth, but as an extension of the ongoing effort to Re-Klaim Kermit.

For those that could not/did not attend the Earth Day event –watch the video (at bottom of this posting) and listen as Mary Burch explains the finer points of Kermit's Recycling Center.

The Kermit Recycling Center is located on West Highway 302, directly behind the Kermit Cemetery and contains clearly marked receptacles –dumpsters and large roll-offs to accept recyclable products.

As Ms. Burch explained, the City of Kermit generates 45,000 lbs. of solid waste each day –all of which must be disposed of –for a fee that ultimately comes from YOUR pocketbook.  By recycling specific products, that amount of solid waste is reduced, the disposal fees reduced and we all benefit from our efforts.  Both Burch and City Manager, Gloria Saenze reiterated that recycling efforts have ALREADY made a noticeable difference in the amount of solid waste being transported to the landfill.  A more concerted effort by the citizens of Kermit (and Wink) will make an even larger impact.

Paper, Cardboard, Plasics (some types), aluminum cans and 48" x 40" pallets are accepted at the Recycling Center.– Each type of recyclable has a clearly marked disposal bin.  Of course, not all types of each product is accepted for recycling.  The specifics are:

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