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Kermit Cemetery: Burrs & Milkweed
John Reed :|: Winkler Post ♦ October 02 2014 06:14:27

Rarely a week goes by that we don't get an email (or two, or three, or more) or stopped on the street that Kermit's cemetery isn't the subject of conversation –be it written or spoken.  Generally, the conversation culminates in, "Call City Hall."

The Winkler Post
The Winkler Post

After a few city council meetings where the landscaping problem was mentioned; and some cursory checking on our part; the cemetery's over-growth seemed to be winning the war of the weed whackers –in a big way.  The video below and a few photos sprinkled throughout this posting will give everyone an idea of what the minimalist landscaping crew assigned to the cemetery (when time permits) is up against.

We began the video on Sunday, September 21; a second visit on the following Monday; more video on Wednesday and Friday –the 26th.  Progress was being made each day and a visit on Wednesday, October 1, showed even more.  BUT, what was mowed early last week was in need of mowing yet again.  Then there's the growth around the hundreds of tombstones to contend with.  Overwhelming would be –and is, an understatement.

We dropped in at City Hall last week to visit with Kermit's city manager, Gloria Saenz, concerning the cemetery.  We're certain she and others at city hall have received their share of telephone calls and there's probably not a single council-member that hasn't been raked over the coals or had a fist-full of grass-burrs shaken in their direction.  There is no question; they KNOW there is a huge problem at the cemetery...  And at every park the city is in charge of.  Winkler County also has the same problem in its parks.  The solution we are proposing will work in any landscaped area, in any city.

As our conversation with Ms. Saenz progressed, it became evident the major roadblock was manpower.  Every municipality in West Texas has this problem.  However, there were/are some secondary failings that compound the landscaping fiasco, also known to Saenz and will be the very first step in remedying the weed problem –bagging the clippings as the grass and weeds are being mowed.

The current mowing procedure actually sows a new crop of weed-seeds with every mowing.  Our readers will see the sowing of the seeds in the video.

Also part of Ms. Saenz's master gardening plan is liberal quantities of Balan herbicide applied in early Spring.  Although this seems, outwardly, the ultimate solution, it may not actually be the best choice.

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