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Television –À la Carte
John Reed : The Winkler Post ♦ April 23 2015 00:09:39

In many ways, television à la carte is already available and the menu of choices is growing every week.

Not too many months ago we noticed our "television bill" –what we facetiously call our DirecTV bill, had creeped upward to a point well over $100.00 –AGAIN.  With phone in hand –in ear and after 20 minutes of navigating what seemed a circuitous phone-menu, we finally spoke to a real human.  The intent of the phone call; to do whatever it took to get that monthly bill down to a reasonable, in our opinion, rate.  What's reasonable?  Yeah, we know, that's a relative question that has no one single answer but, again, in our opinion, for what this household consumes in television programming, it is NOT worth the more than $100.00 per month we were paying.  We'd almost bet YOUR situation with your own "TV Bill" is not at all different than ours.

In this instance, after reaching a human and after 10 to 15 minutes of explanations, hum-hawing and "we can do this, or that" the nice lady at DirecTV was able to miraculously knock the bill back to around $80.00 per month.  Thank goodness for small victories.  At least we felt we were victorious.

Victorious in the first battles but, an assault on a different front –of the same war was waged in just a two months.  The TV-Bill was once again well over $100.00 for what we call, basic service.  No rented movies, no pay-per-view events, no premium channels (any channel that provides content without advertisements) and no new or additional equipment.  There had been a price increase of each "package" offered in DirecTV's line-up.

In a comparison of DirecTV's package offerings we find that three of the channels we regularly watch and record are in an upper echelon package that includes a number of channels we have never heard of nor watch nor intend to watch –even on a curiosity filled evening when there's No New Content on the 200+ channels we may access.  Admit it –You've Been There, Done That!  However, if the package in the nearest lower tier is chosen, the savings would be roughly $10.00 per month and had both consumers in this household not watched these three channels several times in a week's time –the lower tiered package would have won-out...  Yet the monthly "TV Bill" would still be in excess of $100.00 per month –for the ability to access less than 20 channels on a regular basis.

DirecTV won that battle –and we're certain you've faced the same dilemma with your television content provider –be it DirecTV, Dish Network or your local cable company.

The battle –and battlefield is changing.

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