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City Council Meeting: Updated
Diana Franco, City Secretary -office of City Manager, Gloria Saenz :: The Winkler Post ♦ October 18 2014 10:20:16

This meeting of the Kermit City Council is a public meetings.  It would be nice to see the public fill the council chambers.

This is an abbreviated agenda listing:  We have omitted the routine business items.  For an official agenda listing, please visit Kermit City Hall.

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Any citizen recognized by the Mayor may appear to present pertinent information before the Council. The Open Meeting Law, Article 6252-17, V.T.C.S., however, prohibits the Council from rendering a decision unless prior notice has been given and posted publicly seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the meeting and the person(s) name and subject appears on the posted Agenda. Exceptions may be considered, if the request is accompanied by a statement describing the nature of the urgent public necessity requiring the addition to the Agenda no less than four (4) hours in advance of the meeting.

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Discuss matters of business from the public.  none

The Winkler Post

Recognition of Visitors, Citizen of the Month and/or Presentation of Proclamation.

Kermit Celebration Days

Kermit Chamber of Commerce
2014 Sponsors
Platinum Sponsors ($1,000 +)
Devon Energy Corporation
Kermit Kruizers Car Club
West Texas National Bank
Kent Kwik/Huddle House/Kent Tire
Silver Sponsors ($500-$750)
Demetrio Pineda Notary Service
Vest Ranch
Slicks Auto
Rapid/Chance/WC Wrecker Service
Bronze Sponsors ($250-$499)
Brotherhood of the 74
West Travel Inn
Lowes Marketplace
Other Sponsors
West Texas State Bank
Light Tower Rentals (Generator for KCD Event)
McKays Furniture
Anadarko (Girl Scout Hut Awning)
The Winkler Post

City Manager, Gloria Saenz announced the recipients of certificates of appreciation for their support of the Kermit Celebration Days.  Certificates were presented to the representatives in attendance (pictured above):  Kermit Kruizers Car Club – West Texas National Bank – Brotherhood of the 74 – McKays Furniture – The Kermit Chamber of Commerce

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