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KISD Board: Community Involvement
Gayle Fuqua, Business Manager - K.I.S.D. :: John Reed, The Winkler Post ♦ March 05 2015 00:12:49

Last week, K.I.S.D. Business Manager Gayle Fuqua, at the behest of the K.I.S.D. Board of Trusteed, asked that we post a request for community feedback concerning the search for an heir to Superintendent Bill Boyd's office –and the duties of the superintendent's charge.  Of course, we gladly posted that request and have re-posted the request here, but have added our editorial comments.  Humor us...  They're reasonably short.

First and foremost:  The mere act of requesting public feedback in such an important search is unprecedented for Kermit; and possibly the area in general.  Frankly, we consider this action by the board and its subsequent effect on the board's decision making process equally as important as casting a vote in any public election.  Perhaps even more so.

One must bear in mind that a school district's superintendent oversees, and is ultimately responsible for the education of every student within a school district (1300+ in KISD); while at the same time managing hundreds of staff-members; be they instructional staff, support staff or administrative.  Then there is the task of administering and protecting a multi-million dollar budget.

Realistically, no one person, acting alone, is capable of being the be-all end-all task-master of "All Things School."   However, the superintendent must be a master of the art of delegating tasks and ensuring the delegates perform at a level befitting –or exceeding the needs of the district.

That last statement is where YOU, Mom 'n Dad, play an instrumental part in the superintendent search process.  For if you remain silent, your silence may be mistaken for a simple "I don't care"; possibly leaving any decision to be made without the needs of your silent group being considered.  When the education of your child lies in the balance, it's a safe bet, you DO care –at least we would hope this the case and implore you, Mom 'n Dad, to make your thoughts known to the folks that can make a difference –your elected delegates to the Kermit Independent School District.

The process of conveying your thoughts to the K.I.S.D. Board of Trustees couldn't have been made any easier.  Simply click the Superinendent Survey link below and fill out a simple 5-part web-based form.&nbps; No Name, No Phone Number and No Email Address needed –just your thoughts.

One last avenue for everyone, including students, to become involved in this process is the Public Meetings that will be held.  Although we are big fans of web-based feedback from the public; NOTHING can compare with the inflection of a voice, a heartfelt question or the look on a person's face in a public forum.  By Far, Whithout Any Doubt, the absolute best and most effective means of the exchange of ideas and ideals.  A schedule of the meetings is below.

We ask that you make and take the time to participate in all facets of this search.

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