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Party Time in Kermit
John Reed :|: Winkler Post ♦ September 28 2014 17:43:39
The Winkler Post
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Hot-dogs to cotton candy; barbeque to corn on the cob; patio furniture to yard art and stuff to fill a toy chest – you'll find all that and more this weekend in downtown Kermit.  The 10th Annual Kermit Celebration Days will kick off Saturday morning (09/27) on the courthouse square until roughly Midnight.  Then, picking up where Saturday left off –at Noon on Sunday.

Memorial Hospital's 2014 Health Fair

A new addition to the festivities is Winkler County Memorial Hospital's Health Fair.  The health fair was a one-day affair, Friday, from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. at the Winkler County Community Center...  Just one block north of the courthouse square on North Poplar St.

There was plenty of hospital staff and others to answer any question one might have had concerning healthcare in general and or healthcare in Winkler County.

Kermit Celebration Days' festivities actually started brigtht-and-early Saturday morning –at 8:00 a.m. with an event for the kiddos –The 5-Mile Bike Tour at the Winkler County Park.  The young riders always have a blast at this event sponsored by the Kermit Downtown Lions Club and Winkler County Memorial Hospital.  Plenty of snacks and drinks were available for the riders and a chance to win one of two brand spankin' new bikes –one girl's, one boy's. Even thought the morning was shrouded with rain-threatening clouds, all the kids went home safe-and-sound and happy with goody-bags, prizes and; two early registrants went home with new bicycles.  A good way to start ANY day.

The Kermit Downtown Lions Club members and board furnished the bicycles.  Winkler County Memorial Hospital sprang for the goody bags, and in partnership with Texas Medical Association's –"Hard Hats For Little Heads", furnished helmets for the riders who had none.  Dr. Stan Selby; John Clark, Winkler County Memorial Hospital Administrator; Board Members Angie Sims, Suzanne Smith, Tito Hernandez and; Winkler County Judge Bonnie Leck were also instrumental in this effort.

Drinks, snacks and nourishment was furnished by Lowe's Supermarket, Family Dollar and Kent Kwik.  West Texas State Bank helped with "Goody-Bag" items as did Jerry Phillips, local State Farm Insurance agent –and Mayor of the City of Kermit.  ALCO also helped with "Goody-Bag" items.

The local Dollar General donated two prizes that were awarded to two lucky riders and the Dairy Queen made sure there were certificates for free ice cream in each bag.

Rider's Medical Support was furnished by the Winkler County EMS –with an ambulance and EMTs at the ready.  Protection for the riders and; instruction in bicycle safety, rules of the ride and an official "escort" through the course of the tour was provided by the Kermit Police Department.

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