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Presidential Politics
John Reed - The Winkler Post ♦ March 26 2015 09:56:19

With Ted Cruz's announcement of his official bid for the office of the President of the United States comes an onslaught of news reports, pundits and a myriad of talking heads that would have one believe they were the be all, end all sources for political fact, when in reality, the majority of the press –or media, represents nothing more than an equal number of "spin machines."  Sadly, we will all be subjected to the spin-cycle until November 8, 2016.

As this is being written, CBS's David Letterman, during his nightly monologue –in an attempt to be humorous is roasting Ted Cruz in such a manner that people who don't keep up with current events will take Letterman's words as gospel –spun as it may be.  To be fair, we're using Letterman as an example only because that's what is on the tube at the moment and we can't reach the remote to change the channel to see and listen to OUR favorite spinners.  Consider as well, every late night television entertainment comedian will, for months to come, try to subliminally guide and convince their viewers to believe their rhetoric.  The sad part.  The will succeed in many instances.  Connoisseurs of late night television should remember Jay Leno's "Jay Walking" segment.

Today, finding the real truth about a candidate's ideas, ideals and long-term goals is a near impossibility as there is seldom a single written piece or interview that includes the "whole."  However, it is equally impossible for a candidate to say he or she will do this, that or the other with certainty because outside forces are fluid and powerful enough to change one's thinking.  Nevertheless, a candidate, in their own words, should create a "baseline" premise of their candidacy that can be accessed and studied and provide reference points for all other pundits.

Since Ted Cruz is the "first official candidate" in this Presidential contest, we're using his efforts thus far as an example.  Unfortunately, it is lacking –severely.  In this digital age and the prolific use of social media; a dedicated website is an absolute MUST.  However, if that site is lacking relevant content concerning the matters at hand that will change the future of our Country, and focuses more on generalized past events and fund-raising; there may as well not be a website.– Ted Cruz's website.

One other factor that will play a huge part in this Presidential Election, MORE than it has in any other campaign season, is the use of Social Media sites.  Frankly, it is a scary thought that a President –or any other elected official, depended on the skewed comments of friends and followers to promote the candidacy.  Yet, more attention and effort will be expended on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram than any other source.  As proof of the sometimes completely off-base comments, read the replies to a controversial thread/topic –of your choice.  A recent study (we do not remember by whom) stated the general public spends roughly two hours per day on social media sites.  Frankly, we cannot dispute that figure considering our own usage in an attempt to divert traffic to THIS depository of news.  That said, we spend a great deal more time than we're comfortable with, reading the comments to a variety of controversial threads and marveling at the misinformation that is sometimes posted.

To those attempting to become well informed:  With the two hours, give or take two more, spent on social media sites and another two to four spent tracking down the truth concerning your candidate from a dozen outlets leaves very little time for productivity during any one given day.  Hopefully you'll be able to justify your time spent surfing the web on your employer's dime.  And if you're sluing on your own time –we wish you well.

As the political campaign season progresses, we may be able to share information sources that shed light on our priorities –that may be close to your list of priorities.

Again, Any candidate not having a single, comprehensive depository of their "Priorities" and "Solutions" is undermining their campaign.

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