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City Council Meeting: Updated
Diana Franco, office of Kermit City Manager : The Winkler Post ♦ May 21 2015 23:19:41

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This meeting of the Kermit City Council is a public meeting.

Any citizen recognized by the Mayor may appear to present pertinent information before the Council. The Open Meeting Law, Article 6252-17, V.T.C.S., however, prohibits the Council from rendering a decision unless prior notice has been given and posted publicly seventy-two (72) hours in advance of the meeting and the person(s) name and subject appears on the posted Agenda. Exceptions may be considered, if the request is accompanied by a statement describing the nature of the urgent public necessity requiring the addition to the Agenda no less than four (4) hours in advance of the meeting.

This is an abbreviated agenda listing –the routine business items have been omitted.  For an official agenda, our readers may download the .PDF here.

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Richard Jackson - Julio Peña - Diana Franco
The Winkler Post

Administer Oath of Office to Election Officials.

City Secretary Diana Franco administered the oath of office to re-elected** precinct 2 Councilman, Richard Jackson and precinct 3 Councilman, Julio Peña

Precinct 1 councilmember Country Preston-Roark was not present to issue her oath of office.

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Approve Resolution 15-06:  "Resolution and Order of the City Council of the City Of Kermit, Texas Canvassing the Returns and Declaring the Results of a City Officer's Election Held on May 9, 2015."

** This was somewhat of an odd election-season for Winkler County –especially for the City, as there were numerous incumbent candidates that were unopposed in their re-election bids.  Since the three council members had no opponents, the official election for their posts was canceled –which of course made the approval of Resolution 15-06 nothing more than "housekeeping."

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Discuss matters of business from the public.  None

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Recognition of Visitors, Citizen of the Month and/or Presentation of Proclamation.  Lupus Awareness Event – "Put On Purple Day"

The approval of this proclamation was done so –six days after the designated date of May 15th.  We're not sure who was the driving force behind the proclamation but, would suggest an earlier start next year or not designating –proclaiming a specific date.  Nevertheless, May is national Lupus Awareness Month... We invite our readers to read more about Lupus on the Lupus Foundation of America website –click.

The Winkler Post

Discuss and consider purchasing signs and poles to be set on State Highways for City Truck Route.

After years of debates and pleading between Winkler County and the City of Kermit, the truck-route signage problem has been solved.  Well, as soon as the signs arrive and are installed.

City Manager, Gloria Saenz informed the Mayor and councilmen that with their approval of this expenditure –of $5,779.00 and the County's effort to adequately designate the County's roads that are main parts of the truck route; the truck-problem within the City Limits will take great steps forward toward being solved.  We are assuming but, we'd hazard a guess the County's response will be an agenda item at the next Commissioners' Court meeting.

The Winkler Post

Discuss and consider receiving bids for RFP 2015-01.

Two bids were opened for four 2014 year-model Ford F150 pick-up trucks.  The first from Grande Truck Center in San Antonio –with a bid of $87,706.00.  The second bid came from Kermit Motor Company, for $82,396.00.

After the bids were scrtutinized by City Staff, the low bid from Kermit Motor Co. was accepted.  It should be noted that the winning bid was for model-year 2015 trucks.

The Winkler Post

Discuss and consider receiving bids for RFP 2015-02.

Kermit Motor Co. was the lone bidder for the 3/4 ton truck called for by this bid.  Again, the council accepted the bid and noted that this particular truck would be a 2016 year model.  The bid amount was $31,399.00

We would also like to mention –and thank the City for applying the "pennies in a jar" method of paying for this small fleet.  The "windfall" tax receipts have been put to good use and there's still $40,000.00+ left in the designated fund "jar" for a back-hoe.

Outstanding fiscal management.

The Winkler Post
Michael Cook -FairmountSantrol
The Winkler Post

Discuss and consider approving Fairmount Santrol's donation of Trees.

Micahel Cook, Sustainable Development Coordinator - FairmountSantrol explained FarmountSantrol's commitment to "give back" to communities and counties where they operate and one of the major means in doing so was the donation of trees to be used in community projects.

With the impending completion of the cemetery expansion and a variety of parks that are in desperate need of new foilage, as many as 100 new trees will be planted.

This is a Grand Gift to the community that will be appreciated for decades to come.

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