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Back in the Day
John Reed - The Winkler Post ♦ February 26 2015 14:04:31

This posting is another part of the continuing series of bringing "Old" news to the forefront as "New"; this installment from the week of June 16, 1944 as reported by H.G. Vermillion, publisher/editor of the Winkler County News.  For our new readers, we are NOT associated with the present day Winkler County News but, we have come to possess several issues of the Winkler County News from the Spring and Summer of 1944 that are brimming full of interesting tid-bits of hisorical news about Kermit, Wink and Winkler County and the people who call this place –Home.  Remember also, World War II was raging in the year 1944.

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Our last posing of 1944 facts came from the June 2nd issue; which like all those preceding it, were oddly sparse concerning actual "war news."  We can only theorize why there was such a lack of "war news" in the local publication but, have come to the conclusion that is was merely a "cost issue" in the 4-page publication.  However, Vermillion did publish a bit news concerning local men and women in the military in each issue.  We will post the "hightlights" of the war effort for this corresponding week within this posting and again, remind our readers that June 16th was but a few days after "D-Day."  The old issues we have unfortunately do not include an issue of June 7th; which would have been a "special issue" or a regularly dated issue June 9th.  At the bottom of this posting we have included a list of the 1944 issues posted so far.

"Above the Fold" for June 16, 1944

Objections to Housing Project Erased

In the June 2nd issue of the Winkler County News (WCN) one of the main mastheads concerned 135 new homes to be built across from (East) the modern day Walton Field.  Such a housing shortage existed at that time, it could easily be compared to the community's needs TODAY.

From the earlier report on the housing progress until this report, the developer, J.T. Luther, from Fort Worth had included a "business district" within the plat–much to the displeasure of the community leaders and was considered a "deal-killer" if it remained.  At the behest of Mayor Kenneth Burrows and city commissioners, Mr. Luther re-drew the plat, removing the business district.  The housing district/poject still included homes of specific costs and sizes depending on the "neighborhood."  Prices for the new homes ranged from $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 or more; and ranging in size from 800 to 1,200 square feet.

Actual construction on the project was scheduled to begin in early July.&bsp; Mr. Luther also told the City Commissioners that the National Housing Authority had given tentative approval to 100 more homes and the FHA had agreed that with a $450.00 down payment, a $4,500.00 home could be had with financing for 20 to 25 years.  Expected payments for those homes would be $30.00 per month.

Needless to say, Mayor Burrows and the commissioners heartily approved Mr. Luther's revisions.

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