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20,000 Mile Escape
John Reed - The Winkler Post ♦ April 01 2015 21:51:14

Last year, on Memorial Day weekend, we took a Road Trip (see the posting –click) in our fairly new Ford Escape, as its "Shake–Down" cruise and gave our opinion on the car at that time.  The car had 5000 miles on the odometer when we headed off to South Texas and we promised an update and opinion after we had driven the car to the point where it is no longer considered a "new car".  Today, the Escape purchased in February 2014, after a perfectly good Ford Fusion met its demise and succumbed to the crusher due to the ever present oilfield traffic on Highway 302 & 115 –is now a bona fide used car.  This is the update as promised.

We have been fortunate enough to clock some 20,000 miles on the Escape in its first year on the road and although it has its faults, it has been a very capable vehicle and we are quite pleased with its performance thus far.  That said, when the boss of this household gets her new vehicle that is capable of towing a Casita travel trailer (magic numbers are 9, 10, 28, 37, 41 & 49) this driver will have full power over the shared Escape and will be happy to drive it until its wheels fall off.  The Escape will become the full fledged Winkler Post "Company Car."

We'll begin this secondary shake-down cruise with the "up-side" comments as we embark on another thousand mile weekend; to central Texas.  Photos will be added as we "get on down the road", WiFi permitting, on this Easter weekend trip.  Check toward the bottom of this posting.

Frequently in our travels, in places that seem the most unlikely to hear comments from others concerning the car, we hear "...what kind o' car is that?" or "... that's a beautiful car!"  Frankly, in the Escape IS a stunningly good lookin' vehicle –in Ford's sterling gray.  And, we work diligently to keep our chariot as clean as possible...  In spite of the caliche dust and oilfield dirt that has invaded the streets of Kermit.  We also know that after a few new aquaintances looked the car over, they too, became Escape owners.  Happy owners, we might add.

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