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The Mid-Terms
The Winkler Post for October 21, 2010
... As in elections.
John Reed ♦ October 22 2010 01:36:28

Being the political junkies we are, we would much rather consider ourselves as "Truth in Politics" junkies –always in search of what is real and what Really Works for the majority of US... and more often than not, Jonesing for a "fix"

In past "Election Seasons" we've gone to great lengths to explain the importance of one's personal commitment to actually vote and the importance of each voter taking the time to find the truth behind an issue then compare what a candidate might or might not say concerning that issue.  This season will be no different, but we're going to make our plea much –Much shorter and more to the point.

Get off your duff –educate yourself and VOTE!  Early voting is going on now and the polls will open at 7:00am on November 2nd.  Only those who meet their maker between now and November 2 will be excused.  Vote Early... Just in case!

We're living –and voting, in a very unique point in our history.

To many, these elections; local, statewide and national; have taken on a completely different tone than in the past and prospective voters have become far more active in supporting (or not) a variety of candidates and ideals held by both the candidate and the voter.  We all, to the chagrin of the left leaning Democrats and many of those "across the isle", have the TEA Party to thank for the new found interest in politics in general as they (the PEOPLE) have taught many on the "sidelines" how to, where to find the real truth in specific issues.  Be they to the left or to the right in the political spectrum.  Perhaps best described as a "Re-discovery of Common Sense".

The TEA Party has taught the American Voter... "It's OK to be an independent thinker"... and to stand for and demand, clear and common sense thinking and actions from our elected officials –from November 3rd into the future."

Involvement –By The People, For the People... The intent of those who brought this Republic into being.

We converse, daily, with people that have come to new realizations about our country, society in general and the world, simply because they have somehow found the courage and dedication to open their once closed minds and become independent thinkers –"Doers"... a.k.a. informed voters.  By the same token, we also have audience (in one form or another) with those that still hear only what they wish, read something into words that is not written and incessantly insist their perceived truth –as THE truth.  These are the folks most other folks call... Extreme.  By and large, we're finding more who are open to sane, civil disucssion and accepting of the fact that their perception of what-is or was... May actually change.

So describes the new era of "the Voter".

Buckle-Up Incumbents!  It's gonna be a rough ride –if you've laid tracks that have bypassed common sense, defy prudent spending or are guilty of self-serving legislative efforts.  And Opposing Candidates... Take heed.  The new found "information age" makes your "information" easily verifiable and the savvy voter of today has a working "BS-Meter" in their purse or shirt pocket and a sharp pencil close at hand.

Now we would be remiss if we didn't at least offer a "starting point" for your research.  So, we've embedded the video of the recent Texas Gubernatorial debate; featuring candidates Kathie Glass, Deb Shafto and Bill White.  Unfortunately, and we mean that with the utmost sincerity, Governor Rick Perry chose not to participate in the debate... Denying Texas voters his views and explanations.

Nevertheless, please take the time (about an hour) to watch/listen to the debate –Sponsored (and webcast) by the Austin American-Statesman in Austin –Click.

We have also requested permission to embed here, PolitiFact's Texas Truth-O-MeterClick which we think our readers will find most helpful when combined with their own "BS Meter".  In the meantime, use the link to access the Texas Truth-O-Meter.

In addition to the information provided by PolitiFact, our readers should visit other major online news outlets as well as the Texas legislative web sites.  For news sources not listed... Google! –More specifically:

We also would ask our readers to view the Winkler Post posting, "You and the National Debt" –Click for a harsh reality check.... And don't forget the WP's political advertisers' links!

Vote!  Inform yourself and Vote!


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