5 common mistakes to avoid during driving in Dubai

Dubai, a beautiful large country which is very caring for the lives and welfare of its citizens and even the visitors. To ensure that majority is secure, transportation department has issued strict driving policies. Some transportation companies such as the bestsafedriver strictly follow these rules. Here are the 5 common mistakes one should avoid during driving in Dubai.

Avoid Drink while Driving

Accordance to the driving laws in Dubai, there is zero-tolerance for drunk drivers in Dubai. Driving below influence (DUI) in Dubai can bring you in jail with a heavy financial penalty of AED 20k. As a result, if you had a mere 1 quart of beer and have enough sense to drive, don’t get any probability. Ditch your car as well as a book an RTA Taxi backtrack to home. Drunk driving in Dubai is an absolute NO.

Avoid Driving on the Hard Shoulder

Do not drive on the hard shoulder and never pass from the hard shoulder. Still, if you observe the public doing that, do not be induce yourself to do the same. You might be slapped by a fine of AED 1,000 if found overtaking from there. If you have an uneven tire or some other car issues, after dragging up your car lying on the hard shoulder, do not place there. As an alternative, catch behind the security barrier and then call the appropriate emergency numbers in Dubai for assistance.

Avoid Rubbernecking

Road disasters occur frequently in Dubai. It is because many drivers in Dubai pay attention to rubbernecking out of oddity. Do not do that. Rubbernecking results in traffic disturbance, resulting in roadblocks and suspension in the run of traffic. It also puts one and other drivers on the road in danger of being caught up in more accidents that might prove deadly. Drive attentively and stay your eyes on the road in front.

Avoid Running a Red Light

The red-light sense stops, every driver must stop. Unfortunately, most of time drivers don’t stop that results into severe accidents sometimes leaving causality. Thereby, UAE driving law states that anybody who runs red light will be charged the quantity of 1,000 AED, be given 12 black points on their permit, and have their motor vehicle seized for 30 days. This is the extremely best solution. In some areas of the Dubai Tram, running a red light is extremely restricted because it causes an accident that may lead to charge as high as 30,000 AED and a lot more severe penalty.

Avoid exceeding Speed Limit

As speed above 60% causes deadly accidents on the highway, controlled speed in accordance with the track is crucial to guarantee a secure journey. In Dubai, speed limit must be according to requirement of road and type of vehicle. Keep your speed slow at busy roads also for large vehicles. To ensure correct speed limit, keep checking the signboards to obtain the acceptable speed limit. The drawing of the road, road situation, and weather conditions decide the speed limit. So, we must conscious of the following maximum speed limit for every road and the vehicle.

  • In Freeways, one can drive over the road from 140 km/h – 160km/h
  • In the countryside roadways, your speed limit must be less than 100km/h
  • In parking and repair roads one shouldn’t exceed 25km/h
  • In city locations, one must drive with the speed of 40 to 80km/h
  • In inhabited areas, the allowed speed is 40km/h

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