5 tips to help you stay safe on 420

There’s no more enjoyable day of the year than 420, but that can all change if you have too much and feel uncomfortable, distressed, anxious or paranoid. Every cannabis user, whether they’re daily users or occasional tokers, can sometimes overindulge. It’s not as if it will cause you any long-term damage but it’ll still ruin your day.

So, head into this year’s 420 with a dose of common sense. Keep these tips in mind and if you do happen to feel uneasy at any point, you can calm yourself down until you’re ready to rejoin the fun.

1) Have a shower

Having a shower is a good way to manage your high, if circumstances permit. The sensations of showers are amplified after taking cannabis products, which is one cool bonus, and it helps to refocus your mind on positive matters. Instead of being anxious about all that excess THC, you’ll just be basking in how great the shower feels. Showers can also reduce any symptoms of nausea.

If it’s not possible to shower, then even splashing some water – hot or cold – on your face can do the world of good. It’s not as soothing as a shower, but it’s still a good fix.

2) Experiment with CBD

The non-psychoactive CBD compound in Hemplucid CBD won’t get you high, but it may help to reduce it. This is thanks to the herb’s anti-psychotic properties, explained by how it influences the THC and CB1 receptor bond. So if you’re feeling a little too high on 420 day, bring things back to a measured level with a high-bat – check out Harlequin and Charlotte’s Web.

Don’t be worried about smoking more cannabis – the high nano cbd profile will counteract any negativity you’re experiencing. Most users report a mellowing sensation from smoking a joint of such a strain. However, it’s best to stay away from strains with higher levels of THC, as they may have the opposite effect.

3) Steer clear from crowds

It’s important to be in a good state of mind before consuming a psychoactive substance like cannabis, especially the high-THC recreational strains. If you find that the area you’re in is too busy and making you anxious or uncomfortable in any way, it’s essential to get out of that environment so you can regather your thoughts.

Dizziness and paranoia are common side effects of too much THC, therefore, by moving to a noise-free location and sitting or lying down, you can negate the intensity of these symptoms. Don’t be shy of leaving your friends and going home if things get too much – your own wellbeing is more important.

If you think you just need a few minutes, consider going to the bathroom if you’re in a public space or into a quiet room if you’re at a friend’s. Providing you aren’t experiencing dizziness, a relaxing walk through can be beneficial. For others, laying down with a warm blanket is more therapeutic.

In a nutshell, if your high is too strong, take the necessary steps to move into a safer environment where you feel at ease both physically and mentally.

4) Eat a black peppercorn, drink some coffee or try some pregnenolone

You can use foodstuffs, beverages and even hormones to settle you down when you’re seriously baked. Caffeinated tea and black coffee are popular, and merely taking in the aromas of black peppercorns can be therapeutic – although eat one or two for best results!

The caffeine in the tea or coffee will re-energize and focus you enough to fight through a fuzzy phase. The memorable, strong scents of the peppercorn will provide a similar boost.

Some cannabis users have been trying pregnenolone capsules to limit the psychoactive effects of marijuana – however, many are sceptical about this method. Pregnenolone is a natural hormone that stops the brain from becoming too intoxicated through cannabis use. You can find pregnenolone online and in health stores across the country.

Remember that people react in various ways to hormones, and that there’s no way of knowing exactly how your body would respond to pregnenolone. If you are certain on trying it, then make sure that you are in a completely safe environment, so you can deal with any adverse reactions.

5) Try a few breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are an excellent way of reducing THC-induced anxiety and dizziness. Making changes to your physical situation can also influence your mental state – it’s imperative to wield this power effectively. Once you get to a quiet, relaxing place, some easy-to-learn breathing exercises can help get you back to normal.

The next time you are too stoned for your own good, try employing either of these three techniques.

Box breathing method: clear your lungs, and then inhale for five seconds. Hold for five and exhale for five. Keep your lungs empty for a further five seconds, and then repeat three times. Each cycle should take 20 seconds. Use a timer.

4-7-8 breathing technique: the clue’s in the name – inhale for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds and then exhale for eight. Complete five repetitions in each exercise.

Breath visualization: think of your torso as a canister with three chambers. Start by taking a deep inhale into the body, making a note of the sensation of the breath. Concentrate that sensation at the rib cage and then the chest. Exhale, and repeat this several times for a good few minutes.

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