7 Features in Gym Management Software to Boost Your Gym

People who regularly join health clubs and other fitness centres are always on the lookout for gym software that would make the tasks of their gym assistants easier. But the task of finding gym software that would suit their needs isn’t so easy.

Most gym software out there is designed for large gym chains, which means it has features that only work for them. The result is that clients are left on their own to figure out how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Key Features in Software:

For clients looking for gym software with key features that they can use themselves, they should take time to look at the different options available. Gym software with a virtual receptionist is one such example. This type of Best Gym Management Software allows clients to call a live receptionist, have her answer calls remotely via the phone, and even place an order for exercise equipment. Some versions also come with detailed workout calendars, online training resources, and customer support services.

  • Easy to Set Appointments and Reminders:

Another gym software option that can simplify working out clients’ schedules is gym scheduling software. It is similar to its virtual receptionist counterpart but works differently. This type of management tool lets gym-goers easily set appointments and reminders for workouts, running or walking sessions, or any other routine they wish to keep track of. 

  • Keep Track of the Sessions and Exercises:

The best thing about it is that it does not need any client information or personal data from gym members to operate. However, gym software with gym management features can do more than just keep track of scheduled sessions and exercises. It can also track clients’ login and logout records, keep track of client progress and remind gym-goers to buy a new pair of clothes or pay their monthly dues.

  • Class Scheduling:

Class scheduling software is another useful gym management tool. It is used by trainers and gym instructors to manage the schedule of students in various classes. It lets gym-goers know what classes they are scheduled to take when they will be starting or finishing the course, and if they have any special requests. This means no more trying to prioritize work with a hectic schedule full of conflicting priorities. All of this can be easily managed by the gym scheduling software.

  • Scheduling and Customer Support:

Most gym scheduling software is web-based, which means users can access them from any location. They can log in and personalize their accounts, changing user names and passwords whenever necessary. Gym Management Software has advanced features for scheduling and customer support. Other features include tracking class progress and creating custom reports.

  • Accurate Records of Clients:

A gym software solution should include features for scheduling clients and maintaining accurate records of clients’ workouts. This means all of the information used for booking classes, including availability, starting time and total duration should be available at any time. The same goes for fitness software. Customers need to be able to track their workout history and make adjustments as necessary. For management software solutions, a comprehensive customer support service should be included.

  • Streamline Important Tasks:

Specialized gym software may also be used for yoga studios. The most common uses are for creating and monitoring a studio directory, maintaining a database of gym members, and tracking sales. Users may also want to integrate their websites with the Best Gym Management Software to promote registration, email notification, and content management. This way, studios will always have fresh content to present to potential students.

  • Keep Track of Clients:

If you have been working at the gym for any amount of time, you no doubt have noticed that there are not enough clients to keep the lights on in the gym and it is getting very difficult to book gym memberships and keep track of clients who show up on time or at short notice. There are also times when some clients that show up are unable to make their appointment because they run into a traffic jam, get lost, or forget to show up at all. This is why it is so important to have gym software in place.

With gym management software, you can upload your client list into the program so that each client’s information is constantly available. You can also view the customer’s records, see how many clients have actually attended a class, and even have access to their gym files and information. With Wellyx, you won’t have to work as hard as you would with just a phone call to let clients know that they have a spot available. 

It can be frustrating working at a gym with so many clients, but with a smart gym software system, you can eliminate the stress and breeze through each day without missing a beat. If you have an app for your computer, you won’t have to deal with countless people trying to schedule an appointment and making endless phone calls.

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