Guide for Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification Application Procedure

The state of Alabama gives unemployment benefits to its citizen if they had insured wages for two quarters during their job. They have uploaded all the responsibilities and rights of beneficiaries on the Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification website.

The unemployment benefits range from $45 up to $255 per week and are calculated based on the earnings during the insured base period. When you file for unemployment, the form is mailed to you stating the wages for the base period and how much amount you will be receiving per week. This email sent out the same day and you have to report your wages and provide proof when you file for the Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification. You should report this information within a week of filing the claim.

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There are two different ways to apply for the Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification. You can either carry out the process online or use the weekly certification number. Make sure all the instructions are followed to the dot no matter what the mode of filing is.

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If you have followed all the rules and regulations then you will not face any troubles and the application will be processed immediately. However, some applications do get rejected but you can appeal the decision. There might be some delays due to the limited working hours of the office. If you fail to certify your information before 5:00 pm then you will not receive your weekly payment the next day.

If the payment is delayed without any reason then you can contact the Alabama Unemployment Weekly Certification office. However, it is normal for the process to take 48 hours for the bank transfer to go through. For new claims the payments are now being made through the debit card system unless you indicate that you need a direct deposit. The State of Alabama asks for banking details through the application.

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