Analyzing the reasons behind the rise of memes and meme lordship in Instagram marketing

Social media is always in a state of evolution and the process is rapid. Instagram is specifically noticing a tectonic shift to a more authentic, less polished content. Marketers are embracing and people are hailing it. Though unpolished and rough, memes are highly catchy, relatable and flexible segment of social media content. 

  • A recent proliferation of stickers and memes from various prominent Instagram profiles show how brands are utilizing this type of visual marketing.
  •  A latest trend is a shift in the platform’s style. Many are aware of the decline in IG aesthetic. 
  • Highly-polished, enhanced images with optimum production quality are losing popularity fast. 
  • A new style has overpowered them and it comes from the opposite direction. The platform is continually integrating rawer, more natural, and organic images. 
  • For some Instagram users, it’s uncool to be manufactured. This was unthinkable even in 2019, but that’s how social media is. Hitherto, influencers often downplayed products or projects, saying they were apt for brands. People had to post images by shooting them with a certain commonality or in a particular light. 

However, the younger folks don’t subscribe to any such rules. With so many strategies coming out, staged photos are all getting traction in mass scale. There needs to be a difference to get more attention. The threadbare IG aesthetic has become run-off-the-mill. 

Witty and entertaining

That’s what memes are. People used to use memes in their IG meme accounts, but brands today are using IG memes as they realize its power, especially to build brand identity, drive product interest, and enhance engagement. 

So, what are the key components of a meme? While some put it as an amalgam of pop-cultural, clever/witty and funny, it’s actually difficult to categorize or define memes. In its broadest possible sense, meme could by any piece/source of information or media that you pass to one another on the internet. 

Their cultural implication is undeniable, and regardless of the fun or satire, they typically showcase a fusion of imagery and text. It could be a GIF, photo, or a video. Some of the biggest and most remarkable Instagram accounts exist just to create and share memes. 

Names like my therapist says and ladbible are extremely popular. Since 2019, businesses and brands have started entering into the meme pool. They are breaking away from the threadbare, curated feeds and embracing something more cool, funnier and authentic.

Generating more engagement 

In case you’re wondering how to become Instagram famous fast, it’s time to start using memes in the right manner. Memes have an air and aura of authenticity and creative intelligence. 

  • Scrolling through IG, you can experience an incessant stream of beautiful people and awesome products. 
  • Regardless of the compelling aesthetics, they tend to appear bland and monotonous in no time due to the repetitive nature of those aesthetics. Too much perfection is also boring. Memes have a DIY feel, which make them outstanding.
  • You use them for capturing the audience’s attention and imagination. Memes inspire and provoke countless comments. 
  • For those with a dedicated follower base, you can expect them to stick to your posts. However, if your regular content rotation entails the same old stuff like lifestyle photos, you will lose steam. 
  • On the contrary, memes really resonate with your followers, propelling them to comment. Memes also prompt interactions and tagging. 
  • When you publish awe-inspiring posts, such a product launch, breaking news, or new event, or some huge scale, there’s every reason to expect your audience to share your post with their pals and family.

When you use popular memes, it’s easy to generate shares. Memes also enable participation in viral shows/events. Repurposing viral memes can easily put your brand into a bigger stream while making catchy content.

Growing a meme page

The very basic thing is to use hashtags. When it comes to building an IG page, hashtags aren’t optional. They are mandatory. They carry your content to various shores. Google does the same with websites and keywords. Instagram does the same with the right hashtags and your concerned account. 

  • There are separate meme hashtags on the platform to gain followers. There are sites that allow you to view and copy them in your posts.
  •  It’s one of the best ways to bolster your online presence and promote your brand.
  • When you publish a post, make it as special and interesting as you can. There’s no place for clickbait. Imagine you’re searching for your IG content through a hashtag.
  • Think of the things you’d want to see. Most importantly, consider the things that would compel you to click on the content if you didn’t know it belonged to you. 

Users are always scrolling through sections of hashtags, and when they stumble across something interesting and unique, they will open it. 

Behind the success of meme accounts

Firstly, these accounts know the significance of a great caption. Instagram captions are instrumental in driving engagement, which fuels the success of meme accounts. Short and simple, their captions are easily readable even when you scroll through the feed. 

  • Brief captions have a full display and you can grasp the entire post sans exiting the feed. Memes have a broad and holistic appeal. 
  • Meme accounts have an uncanny tendency of burning niche or obscure source material/resources into a sensational and accessible joke. 
  • However, it doesn’t mean that you can try to tap everyone to create the most expansive content. 
  • Every brand must select their target audience and ensure their meme speaks to their knowledge, demand and interests. 
  • Memes have a fixed aesthetic. You can recognize it instantly. It’s usually goofy pictures or familiar/famous images. 
  • The text goes above the photo or in overlay. Sometimes, you also use text or Twitter screencaps. 
  • The obvious recognizability of memes underline their consistency, which is critical to brand building on Instagram.
  • Ideally, a brand would want its buyers to know that it’s seeing a Story or post from them before checking the account.

Meme accounts surely know their audience. While they do have mass appeal, they target a particular audience and never break the loyalty chain. Concisely, it’s Gen Z and Millennials, the two biggest groups that are mostly online, they consume a chunk of the media, and also have a penchant for dank stuff or sarcastic humor.  

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