How to Use the California Unemployment Benefits Calculator

The State of California offers unemployment benefits to its citizens. These are weekly checks given out to those who have lost their jobs and are actively searching for new ones. The benefits are given of a certain amount and for a short term and you can find out how much you are eligible to receive through the California Unemployment Benefits Calculator.


Who is Eligible for the Benefits?

To qualify for this government scheme there are certain criteria you must fulfill. For example you should not have lost your job due to any shortcoming on your part such as negligence or underwhelming performance at work. You should also be willing to join an office as soon as they offer you a position.

The department requires you to provide proof for the fact that you are looking for a job because they do not want people to take advantage of these benefits. The California Unemployment Benefits tells you the amount you will receive and it is only to help you make ends meet while you are not working.


This service is provided by the California EDD and it is very similar to the one offered by the department in New Jersey. There is a California Unemployment Benefits Calculator as well as an entire table for the benefit options available and given out in previous years. You can also use the guide on the website to go through the procedure as well as acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations.

The two documents provide information on how to file for a claim, the date you should mention on the form as well as the amount you can receive every week. There is also the matter of the salary you received while you were at your previous job. This award is given out to the people on a weekly basis. The calculator should however only be used for reference and final decision is up to EDD.


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