Check ordering made easy by is a subdivision of Harland and Clarke, which is the parent Company. Harland and Clarke is a company that is providing solutions to its customers that help them connect to businesses and make their working easier.

Harland and Clarke mainly deals in services such as offering the customer payment methods and ways such as cards, checks.

Harland and Clarke

They are also providing marketing services such as programs that help acquisition of loans and deposits.

This company serves approximately 43 million customers and 6 million small and medium-sized businesses each year.

They have a good connection with 6240 financial institutions, marketing companies and software providers all across the country.

Harland and Clarke have different programmes that are related to different fields their customers want solutions for, such a field is checks ordering.

Solution for Checks

They have initiated a Business Check Program that makes it easier for customers to be able to generate a continuous fee income from small or medium-size business accounts.

Man depositing check by phone in the restaurant - stock photo
Man depositing check by phone in the restaurant

The process for ordering and reordering these checks is easy and user friendly.

In order for a customer to use their Business Checks Program all they have to do is open the account, Harland and Clarke take the responsibility from there.

I have mentioned a few of the attributes of their Check program.

  • The income generated from their Check program is Non-Interest fee income.
  • The users of their Business check program are happy and are more engaged account holders.
  • The attrition is low
  • The deposit portfolio of their customers is more profitable as compared to non users.
  • The branches are more efficient in their workings as compared to the branches that are non users.
  • The relationships are of more primary status.

Making online ordering of checks easier through OrdermyChecks

Harland and Clarke offers products that are related to both personal checks and business checks. Ordermychecks is a division that is solely dedicated to making check handling easier and secure for it’s customers.

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Close up of a man shopping online using laptop with credit card. Man sitting at his desk doing online payment with credit card and laptop.

It further has two divisions:

  • Personal checks
  • Business checks and supplies.
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Personals Checks

This mainly deals with personal check, the customer can order these in single and carbon duplicates. The duplicate costs extra as it save time.

Facilities include:

  • The customer can order and reorder the checks that are personal in nature.
  • They can also order deposit tickets that are personal in nature.
  • The customers have the facility to look for the progress of their order.
  • The customers also have the option to browse and go through their vast amount of check designs along with the accessories that are related to their business.

Business Checks and supplies

This area deals with checks pertaining to businesses and deposit slips. These checks also have designs, business checks come in 7 wallet designs that are customised according to the business the customer has.

The business checks have a compatibility with QuickBooks, Microsoft, Quicken and Peachtree accounting programs.

The facilities included are:

  • The customers can order their computer and business checks.
  • The customers can also track the status of their order.
  • They can deposit stamps, tickets, and supplies they need for the working of their business.
  • They are also facilitated with customer service, which they can get in touch with chat, email or through phone.

The service is offering its users 90 designs for their checks that they can use. The designs offered also include themed designs from Disney to Warner Brothers Cartoons.

Security Clause

The security is a basic issue when dealing with money instruments. The security features provided by are similar to the ones that we get from our banks.

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“Close-up on contract, in English. Canon XTi, f/10, .4 +1.67”

When ordering checks online, the customers get the security specifications recommended as per the Check Payment Systems Association.

CPSA is an agency that makes security standards for check printing industry. If a company meets its requirements, there is a padlock displayed at the bottom of each check.

Major competitors

The company’s major competitor includes:

Pros and cons

Pros and Cons - stock photo
Pros and Cons text on a paper with note pad and pencil


  • It offers customised packs that include accessories and matching merchandise.
  • It is secure as it meets CPSA requirements.
  • Reliable and easy solutions
  • Online Check ordering


  • Representatives won’t answer your questions related to pricing unless you provide them with your personal banking information.
  • As compared to it’s competitors, It has the lowest designs.


OrderMyChecks offer personal and Business checks and is providing easy to it’s customers with a fair number of designs. They are meeting CPSA requirements which makes these checks secure and the risk involved is low.

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