Common Causes of Back Pain and their Relief

Our generation is facing severe issues of back pain. Earlier, it was a problem for aged people due to a natural hardening of bones and degeneration of arteries. But now, it has become one of the most common problems for office people who have to sit in a chair for the whole long day. Along with adults, some students who study for hours without being cautious about their posture, face back pain.

I myself faced some issues of chronic back pain when I was preparing for my admission test a few months ago. It started with a mere aching of muscle and led to severe muscle twitching and lifting. 

Fortunately, I didn’t neglect it and got relief soon with some effective remedies. I got help from the doctors of Naseer hospital, Lahore. People who have a job sitting all day long like an accountant, an office job, or a receptionist face troubles and they need prevention. If neglected, it can lead to disabilities and painful treatments like surgery.

What Causes Your Back To Pain?

To diagnose the problem well, you need to know the cause behind it. The cause depends on age, genetics, heritage, and other past diseases. The trouble of back pain can be identified by your doctor through an imaging study or doing a test. Some common causes of your back pain are as detailed below.

  • Bulging of a disk can cause severe back pain.  The disk is a cushion between the vertebrae of your spine. It may happen due to carrying more weight or uplifting.
  • A poor physical condition can lead to muscle strain. This constant strain can cause long-term spasms and back pain. 
  • If your bone becomes brittle, you can have painful fractures that can lead to severe pain in your back. 
  • Arthritis can also lead to the narrowing of the blood vessels.
  • Patients suffering from Osteoarthritis can face pain in their lower back. 

How can your Back Pain be Relieved?

There are many ways to adapt to make your pain relief. You can set a routine, gear yourself up, and stick to these rules. Treating them as a lifestyle will aid a lot instead of considering them a treatment.

  1. Stay Active

It is a misconception in people that they can’t stay active due to severe. back pain. Staying athletic isn’t a cure for one disease. It is to keep your body and your mind healthy. Have a walk daily for at least 30 minutes. Do some stretching daily. Exercise 5 times a week. You can hire a physical therapist if you are getting trouble maintaining a routine. You can go cycling for half an hour. You can go for yoga and pilates. These activities will build strong muscles in your abdominal core that aids in supporting back pain. You can do different exercises for strengthening. 

  1. Keep a Check on Your Posture

The people who stay in chairs all day long have to face this issue. Students who study for hours and don’t focus on their posture have trouble with back pain. Having a good posture relieves the pressure on your lower back. If you work or sit continuously in front of a laptop, a table, or a desk, give yourself some breaks. Walk for a few minutes and strengthen your legs and arms. Try to keep your eyes straight to the top level of the screen. 

  1. Maintain Your Weight

People having more weight are at more risk of getting back pain. Losing weight helps in lightening the load on your lower back. Your diet plan and portion control can help in reducing the mechanical force onto your spine. Alongside, exercise regularly to maintain weight. Having a healthy weight protects you from many other diseases like hypertension and heart attack.  

  1. Have some Supplements

It is advised to add some healthy supplements to your diet like vitamins. Your doctor can recommend some supplements from food items that will help you in getting your back pain relief. 

For instance, people who have less magnesium intake in their food lead to muscle weakness and cramps. So, such people can take magnesium supplements. Alongside, a few people face vitamin D deficiency, which becomes unhealthy for your bone health. Sunlight can be used as a supplement to vitamin D. 

Don’t take supplements without the proper guidance of doctors.

  1. Get Rid of Bad Habits

Steer away from cigarettes and other bad habits. People who smoke are more vulnerable to diseases and spine pain. Don’t get near to the consumption of alcohol. Nicotine has the capacity to make your spinal vertebrae weak and less flexible.  cigarettes and other tobacco. Maintain your sleep cycle and don’t get into the troubles of insomnia. Lack of sleep proves bad for your spinal cord. 

  1. Have an Acupuncture Treatment

After following these steps, you can go towards an acupuncturist too. I had my exam so I switched to the best acupuncture in Lahore. I did this because I needed instant help but it was a temporary relief for a short period of time. Many people get relief from this method of curing back pain.


Despite these steps, you can use medications, medicated creams, and other treatments too but after guidance from your doctor. Back pain is the most common pain in our generation. You just don’t have to neglect it and remain stick to your routine.

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