Critical Components of Web Design

A business without a website is certainly incomplete. It serves as the basis of an online presence, which has become mandatory for every company to maintain, regardless of its nature, scale, and industry.


So, if you’re thinking of setting up a business or planning to digitize an existing one, the first thing you should do is to hire the best web designer in New York. Work with them on these most critical components of web design:

White Space

White space is the area referred to empty space between different design elements. Not every part of your website needs to have a fancy design. It will give a cluttered look. This is where white space comes in handy. It provides the much-needed balance to the overall page.  

Furthermore, it also helps to highlight certain aspects of the website. For example, white space can assist in drawing users’ attention to a strategically placed call to action.

Color Schemes

This is an important aspect. Therefore, you must pay a lot of attention to it. The right color scheme will help grab the users’ attention and make them stay on the website. And if it’s gaudy, unappealing, the result will be the opposite.

Basically, the color scheme forms the basis of the design. So, in a way, it reflects the standards of your brand. The ideal approach would be to choose your brand’s logo colors. If they do not seem appropriate, select shades that are pleasant to the eyes. Also, you can choose contrasting colors for a better effect.


Not many pay attention to this aspect of web design. This, however, requires a lot of consideration and attention. If the font is too small or difficult to read, no matter how high-quality content you have written, it won’t serve any purpose. All the effort you have put into writing catchy titles and descriptions will go down the drain.

Also, choose the color of the font carefully. It should complement the color scheme you have selected for the web page and be prominent at the same time.

Quality Content

This wasn’t a requirement a few years back. However, now, it has become an integral part of web design and its ability to rank on Google. The search engine giant only ranks websites that feature quality content. It should be written by professional writers. Moreover, the content should be relevant to your niche and must have included carefully selected and researched keywords.

Make sure no part of the content is copied or duplicate. It should be 100% original. Otherwise, you can get penalized.   


Always remember this rule of thumb. If your website is too complex to navigate, it will turn the users away. No one has the time to find ways to navigate through your site. So, make it as easily navigable as possible. There should be no complexities and difficulties. Users should easily be able to navigate from one page to another.

This not only helps users stay on your website but increases the chances of improvements in ranking as well. Wondering how? Easy navigation helps to improve user experience, which is a vital factor Google considers when ranking a website. So, by improving the user experience, you are actually paving the way for improvement in the search engine ranking of your website.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Needless to say, most people now use their smartphones/handheld gadgets to surf the internet. Whether they have to buy anything, find information about anything or simply use social media, they use their mobile phones for this purpose. So, it makes complete sense to make your business’s website mobile-friendly if you want to generate sales through it.

As a matter of fact, experts now recommend creating a mobile version prior to making the web version. Neglecting this factor not only impacts the user experience adversely but lessens the chances of lead generation as well. Furthermore, you won’t be able to improve the ranking of your website if it isn’t mobile-friendly. Such is the importance of having a mobile version of your website.


Apart from the color scheme, it’s the use of images and videos that capture the interest and attention of users. So, make sure to pick the right images to be used on your website. Don’t use a lot of them. A selective few placed on the right spots will do the trick. Ensure that the images you have selected don’t end up making your website load slowly. Use compressed versions.

As for videos, make sure they are engaging and captivating. They should be worth the value of users’ time.

Once you have developed a website keeping into consideration these aspects, hire the best SEO services to rank your website among the top search engine results. 

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