Despite Pandemic & Economic Crisis, Pakistani Fashion Industry Holds Its Own

The world is in the recharging mode and every aspect of our lives has been changed. The corona pandemic created a lot of hurdles in our daily routines, and it also created problems for businesses and industries. The governments of all the countries imposed a lockdown that forced people to stay home for their safety. The work throughout the world paused for two months and people were kept indoors, sitting idle and doing nothing.

During such circumstances, the Pakistani fashion industry held its own pace, and rather than going down, it rose even more. One such name that grew during the COVID-19 crisis is Shireen Lakdawala which is a new and unique Pakistani fashion designer.

How Did Shireen Lakdawala Manage to Work During the Corona Pandemic?

Among dozens of Pakistani dress designers, Shireen Lakdawala is a novice but has also gained a lot of fame during a small period. Two reasons helped her winning her customers’ hearts: delivering clothes during the lockdown, and bringing unique dresses for both everyday and formal settings.

Now, the question is how did she manage to work and deliver orders when the country was locked down for a good two months? Well, the answer to this question is nothing but determination. She, like everyone, faced a lot of hindrances as there was no transport on the roads and no markets were open. However, she managed to do everything and took orders when even the famous brands were refusing to deliver. Even those who were taking orders couldn’t make it possible to deliver and damaged customer satisfaction. None of the orders at Shireen Lakdawla were canceled, and neither did they deliver low-quality clothes in such a time of calamity. This determination to work did her well as she became a renowned name among the women of the country who always have an eye for the upcoming clothes collection.

How to Shop at Shireen Lakdawala?

Even during the corona pandemic, the website was working just as normally as the regular days. It received hundreds of orders within two months and each one has been delivered with care and precautions. Since safety is of utmost concern for the past six months, ensuring it also helped her gain customers’ satisfaction.

Shopping at Shireen Lakdawala is free from all complexities. All you have to do is choose from the broad categories including new arrivals (where all the newest collections are uploaded despite the type of clothes), casual prêt, luxury prêt, all formals, SL prêt, and all collections. These categories are different from those available at other online stores. If you need a dress for your daily wear or to wear it to a casual setting, then buy one from the first two groups, or you may also find something from SL prêt. However, look into the luxury prêt and all formals if you need something to wear to a party or occasion. Lastly, if you are doing random shopping and nothing specific is there in your mind, then you can always have a look at the last category where the entire collection is available. Therefore, shop at the store and wear something unique!

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