Easy tips to Buy Lounge Chair Covers

Whether you are planning to make a new investment for a piece of cozy furniture to enhance your lounge’s looks or trying to upgrade the same by providing it a fresh look, getting new lounge chair covers may come up as a need. A right slipcover will be an adorable and impressive fascination and is a great idea to solve your challenge and provide satisfaction.

Lounge chair covers come in various styles and colors now, made out of different fabrics to meet all your design requirements.  Getting a good lounge chair cover is not a challenging task now, and the right choice will give you a new look to your furnishings. However, make sure that that the items you choose are robust and comfortable.

Either you never had a chair cover before or you want to replace the ones which you were using many years now, these chair cover insights we discuss here will give you a better idea about the considerable necessitates of the same There is no point in getting out and buying in something in random, but if you want to give your sofas and lounge chairs a scintillating look, go through the below points.

The purposes chair covers serve

At the baseline, lounge chair covers serve two purposes as offering protection to the chairs from rain, sun, dirt, and wastes as well as offering a charming look to your old furniture. Whatever your concerns are, there are certain features you must consider to buy high-quality lounge chair covers.

Choose the matching color

Color is a primary consideration as you can see various neutral, plain, and retro colors are available in chair slipcovers. When it comes to the lounge chair, it tends to grab your guests’ attention, too, so always try to give it a look matching to the overall home interior décor. The most popular choices in terms of chair covers are indigo, steel gray, light grey, dark gray, white, cream, beige, and more.

Finding an appropriate size

There are standard lounge chair sizes that you can consider. But, in the case of a custom-made piece of furniture, you need to take the proper measurements of your chair before getting out to buy a cover. The standards sizes of lounge chair covers available at online stores are 18-24” (about 50 to 60cm), 15-18’’ (50 to 60cm), 14-19′ (36 to 50cm) and thickness of 1-4’’ (3 to 10cm) etc. While searching online, you may check for the size guide attached to the product listing to find a perfect match.

Along with size and color, give proper consideration to the fabric also as the lounge chair may get exposed to moisture, heat, and other environmental conditions. The most common slipcovers choices are cotton, polyester, wool, spandex, linen, plastic, and rubber-based blends, etc. Always try to get durable slipcovers that have a higher rating and reviews. The dark color may be an ideal choice as it can hide stains but always do justification for your interior home colors.

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