Your Guide to Filing for EDD California Federal Unemployment Insurance Claim

President Barrack Obama was the one who signed a federal legislation to extend the unemployment benefits scheme. He signed the documents on July 22, 2010 during his first tenure as the President of the United States. His decision led to the updating of the website for the EDD California Federal Unemployment Insurance which is now available in Spanish as well as English.


Generally over 510,000 citizens in the state of California receive the unemployment benefits. These are given out to those who have lost their job through no fault of their own and are actively seeking out a new one. The EDD California Federal Unemployment Insurance has all the information about the application, filing claims and getting an extension on the benefit plan. There are guides available on the website with instructions for the entire procedure.

For more updates you can also subscribe for notifications on the EDD California Federal Unemployment Insurance Twitter account so you are alerted as soon as new updates are posted on the website. There is certain protocol that has to be followed in order to receive the benefits from the state. They will require proof of the fact that you are actually looking for a job.


The amount the person is eligible to receive depends on the salary they were taking from when they were employed. It is calculated by looking at the highest salary during a certain quarter and also looking at the average salary of the person. The unemployment benefit checks are given out each week.

The data from the consensus performed by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the unemployment rate in the State of California has dropped from 12.3% in April to 11.9% in May. It went up in June to 12.2%. The number of unemployed citizens are 2.28 million and the rate continued to fluctuate around the 12 percent mark for the year of 2010.

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