Beginner’s Guide to Free Torrent Applications

With Torrent you can download everything and anything that is on the internet to your personal computer or laptop. What is more! It is completely free. In this article we have gathered a few of the top most Free Torrent Applications that you can use for your downloading purposes. You can choose the type of Free Torrent Application that would suit your needs after finishing this article. Torrents are basically fast, easy and secure ways to download large files of data which include movies, games, books and TV shows. Torrents are legal and have several uses like downloading open source software and material’s that are in public domain.

Before you use Torrent makes sure that the file you are downloading has been given permission by the copyright holder for public use. Torrents basically make your computer become a part of a swarm where data is shared as it is downloaded. Hence whilst you’re downloading something from other people you’re also helping others download the bits you’ve already got. In the end thus you get a very reliable and fast way to obtain large files easily and conveniently. Torrents files are very useful but you need the right software to obtain these files. Some of the best Free Torrent Applications are listed in this article.

About Torrent

BitTorrent is a software company that has the fastest torrent client and syn and share software. It is a leading company in its field. The software that can use BitTorrent are Mac, Linus, iOS, Windows and Android. A BitTorrent file is basically a distribution system. A torrent file comprises of metadata and is a computer file. The metadata is about the files and folders that need to be distributed.

A list of Free Torrent Applications you can use and how to use them

You must have a laptop or a computer for this with the appropriate software. Following is a list of Free Torrent Applications you can avail:

  1. qBittorrent: this application meets your needs whilst using as little CPU space as possible while downloading. It has an integrated torrent search engine, media player, encryption etc. you can download this client by just clicking on this link and following the instructions given
  2. Vuze: It is the most powerful BitTorrent present. Vuze further has two types depending on which one you would like to go for. You can download Vuze by clicking on this link and following their guidelines
  3. Deluge: this torrent is extendable through plug-ins. It is customizable and can be powerful or lean depending on how you want it to be. Click on this link to download it
  4. uTorrent: this is torrent is very light weight takes less space and is maintained directly by BitTorrent. To download uTorrent click on this link

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