Get Customized Leather Jackets with WearOstrich

Gone are the days when people used to wear minimalist standard designs that every leather jacket retailer is selling. You and I like to wear a tad different design from masses. Most of us would have probably seen our favorite hero / heroine wearing a cool leather jacket and it looked amazing on him / her. You are probably thinking should I google the jacket worn by Tom Cruise or by Katy Perry, find out what is that type of jacket called and then google again for fining online stores that sell that type of jacket, easy, isn’t it? But there is one little detail that you probably missed, you are probably not the same height or more importantly not the same body type. You would probably think I will order one size smaller (or bigger) and that will do the job. Well, it is not about buying earphones to go with your phone / computer, that you buy regular sizes earphones and it will fit in your ears somehow. We are talking about something that defines your style no matter the other person looks at you from the front, back, side, far or close. Your jacket is what they see first besides your face. This ought to look good on you, right?

WearOstrich has designed, stitched and stocked a variety of leather jackets. You can go on our online store and see that we have men’s standard jackets, goose down jackets, biker jackets, women’s normal jackets, biker jackets, coats and many other types. You could choose from any of these. However, you might want to make your own style statement with your new jacket. A jacket that goes with your personality, colors that you like…instead of colors decided by a third person who happened to be on duty when WearOstrich wanted a new design finalized.

WearOstrich’s custom jackets will be fit to your measurements along with the design you have in your head. We design based on your requirement, you see the digitally created design and see if you like it, if not, we change it in consultation with you. Isn’t that cool? With this, you could recreate something you saw on TV or something you had years ago and still cannot get it out of your head but cannot find anywhere online or create your own design.

Still got questions in your mind as to how a leather jacket design can be customized? Thinking they are all the same? Well, you would be surprised how playing a little with lines and curves of the jacket’s design can change the outlook of your design…and if that is not enough, we are up for designing a customized leather jacket for you. Designed, cut and stitched just for you, according to the sketch you had made in your head. How does that sound? So hop on to WearOstrich online store, search for your style (or may be pick up and existing style and customize it according to your needs) and order it online. We will deliver it free to any part of the world.

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