Getting Your Sleep Apnea on Track for the New Year Ahead

Are you tired of walking around with baggy eyes, brain fog and constant exhaustion? Have you decided to commit to rest this year because you can’t take the daily headaches and lethargy? Untreated sleep apnea affects not just your evening but your entire day, preventing you from reaching your goals. 

That doesn’t have to happen, though. Kick-off 2022 by making sleep a priority, making some healthy, favorable resolutions. Meet with your doctor and look into apnea devices like the Airfit N30i vs DreamWear.  By taking the right steps now, January could mark the start of more than a new year but a refreshed and invigorated you.

2022 Is Your Year for Quality Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation states that four factors influence quality: latency, wakefulness, drift off time and efficiency. When these four things happen frequently, and well, slumber improves, allowing the body to heal and dose as needed to feel energetic and focused the next day.

Sleep apnea sufferers rarely achieve a good night on their own because their airways narrow, hindering appropriate airflow. Without the proper oxygen levels, the lungs alert the mind to wake, disrupting slumberland to allow for breathing. This pattern could often happen, completely shutting down a healthy sleep cycle.

Can you gain better quality despite the physical conditions? Yes, it’s possible to overcome evening oxygen deprivation by investing in nighttime gear that supplies the air to your lungs, overcoming the challenge for you. Devices like the AirMini Travel CPAP are portable, small and efficient, giving you the flexibility to go places and sleep well.

Feeling Your Best With Sufficient Rest

The National Institute of Health emphasizes that the average adult should sleep between 7 to 8 hours each night. What happens to those that reach this feat on a regular occasion? Research points to improved attitude, increased productivity and enhanced cognitive functioning.

The brain enters a reboot stage when your eyes close for the night. The stress of the day dissipates, and batteries recharge. People who do this well and consistently are more likely to perform at their best. Their heads do not pound, they experience clarity and their energy remains high.

While natural sleep comes naturally, many others struggle to achieve a reliable shuteye. The institute’s study indicates that approximately 70 million Americans experience some form of sleep condition such as sleep apnea or insomnia. These patients have batteries on low charge, making daily energy levels sluggish and focus difficult.

Those afflicted and not seeking aid do not regain the energy they need to tackle the day. The body remains off tilt, struggling to maintain weight, blood pressure and regulate mood. Take back your health and life by learning about BiPAP vs CPAP machines to restore your rest cycle.

Sleep isn’t just about dreams and escaping the day’s demands. It is vital for the body, healing it and rejuvenating you for the upcoming events. If you have sleep apnea, take charge of your slumber, learning to help your body ease back into a peaceful and nourishing sleep.

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