Grab The Green Subway Sweepstakes to Win Up to $100,000 cash prizes

Are you a fan of healthy go-green sub-sandwiches of Subway? If yes than you had a chance of winning a cash prize worth $100,000. How? A while ago they started a promotional campaign named as  Grab The Green Subway sweepstakes. All you needed to to enter this sweepstakes was find game codes on the bags of Doritos or specially marked 30 oz. cups that are usually available at Subway.

You could easily register online at Subway’s official website or by visiting You were required to enter the code that you found, with a limit of 2 codes per day.  This game had several levels, starting from level 1, as you keep on winning you power up to next levels with better cash prizes. Once you reached the level 3, called the SuperHero Status, you were eligible to win a cash prize of $100,00.

This sweepstakes offer ended on July 24th, 2011.

Grab The Green Subway Sweepstakes Guidelines:

  • Go visit the website online on your PC or your mobile data.
  • This offer expired on July 24, 2011, so you had to enter the sweepstakes and enter all your codes before the offer expires.
  • The more codes you used the higher were your chances to win a cash prize worth $100,000.
  • The first level cash prize was $5 and $10.
  • The second level cash prize was worth $25 to $50..
  • Whereas unlocking the third and final stage you were eligible of winning $500 cash prize,  47″ LG Cinema 3D TV with glasses, flight certificates from American Airlines and A 2011 Dodge Challenger.
  • On reaching the third level you automatically get enrolled into Grab The Green Subway Sweepstakes.

Now that was an amazing and interesting offer that could have gotten you a cash prize worth $100,000. Subway keeps in introducing new methods to engage and reward its customers so stay updated for their next big give away.

All About Subway

Subway is a US based chain of restaurants largely popular for its healthy and delicious submarine sandwiches. In fact is the largest chain of submarine sandwiches worldwide. It was founded in the year 1965 by Fred DeLuca and Peter Buck. It is headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, United States of America. It has about 34,000 locations worldwide and is operating in over 91 countries. Subway provided a healthier greener and innovative alternative to oily fried fast food industry and became the fastest growing Franchises in the world. It’s menu consists of healthy submarine sandwiches (Subs) and salads.

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