Health & Safety Measures To Adopt At Work During Covid-19

The world never imagined that it could face something like the corona pandemic. Never in history, the entire globe was locked down at once and altered our lifestyles. Not only did it affect that particular lockdown period, but it changed the scenario forever. Now, new strategies have been designed for workplaces, taking all the precautions under notice. What changes did the corona pandemic made in an organizational workplace? How did it alter the entire work environment? Let’s have a look!

Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting of Furniture and Appliances

There is a difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. The latter is what the post-corona period requires, and each organization now follows it. If a company isn’t following it, you, being an employee, can charge a complaint under your health and safety right. The organizations now have a core responsibility for taking care of their workers’ health and ensure proper cleaning.

Under the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) put forward by the World Health Organization (WHO), the floors of each organization must be washed and cleaned with a disinfectant twice a day. Moreover, the furniture should also be disinfected, and tools used for daily operations must be sterilized and washed with disinfectants after every use. The businesses used to follow cleaning procedure pre-pandemic as well, but not with as much care as now.

Social Distancing and Mask Wearing is Must

“Man is a social animal” as they all say, and it’s true. People like interacting and chatting with each other, but unfortunately, the corona has forced us to go against human nature. We are now bound to maintain social distancing to stay safe. The virus takes just some part of a second to spread from one person to another, and it gets an easy path when people are closed together. Therefore, workers in an organization must follow social distancing and keep themselves and others safe. However, it is easier said than done as interacting is unintentional when you meet people. Therefore, the upper management must make rules in the organization to stay at a distance. Human beings abhor penalties, and it’s the only way of maintaining social distancing.

Other than that, wearing a mask has become a compulsion in small and large scale industries. It is something we used to see at a dentist’s clinic or only where it was necessary. However, it has now become a norm, and we see all workers within a workplace wearing a mask throughout the working hours. Those who forget to wear it are either asked to go back and wear it or take it from the management.

More Health and Safety Awareness among Employees

Most of the organizations now train their managers regarding basic and health safety. Moreover, infection prevention has also become an inevitable part, and managers are given basic training. Ahlansafety is an online platform that is dedicated to providing management with health and safety training and certifications. Get yours trained there and make your organization a safe place to work.

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