How to Apply for the Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claim

The Workforce Development department in Wisconsin is responsible for taking care of the unemployment benefits as well. They handle the applications, claims and appeals for all citizens. The application process for Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claim can either be completed online or done through the phone. There are certain documents that are required when you are applying and you need to have all of them in order for your claim to be accepted.


Documents Required for Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claim

  • Personal Identification Number
  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License Number issued by the State of Wisconsin
  • Proof of employment and the names of all your employers in the past 18 months
  • If you are not a certified citizen of the United States then you need to provide the Alien Registration number as well.
  • The number of the union hall if you had joined any skilled traders union

Application Procedure

As it has been mentioned earlier you can either apply online on the website or through the phone. The instructions for the procedure are listed online. There is also a guide that will help you calculate the amount you are eligible to receive per week based on your previous salary. The applicants should however be actively looking for a new job and willing to join as soon as they find one.

Application Procedure

There were recently some changes made in the eligibility criteria for the Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claim. Many applicants may not get the assistance under the new rules. They can file for weekly claims online and they are usually accepted within the next business day. The money is transferred to your bank account or you can apply to receive the deposit through mail by check. The Wisconsin Unemployment Weekly Claim is to help job seekers focus on employment opportunities without having to worry about paying for basic necessities until they find a job.


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