How to create a learning environment

Studying from home might not be as easy as it sounds. Sure, you can use services like to get all the job done, but if you want to study by yourself you need to prepare your environment first:

A dedicated workspace
Choose where you want to study. You need to choose a space that is large enough to allow you to study and has enough room for notes and books. You should ensure that your workspace is comfortable for the amount of time you will be spending there. A space that is quiet and relaxing allows you to focus.

Remove distractions
Focusing on your task will be easier if distractions are removed. Distractions like your phone or social media can distract you, so leave it in another room and only use it during breaks. You can also log out of streaming services and social media platforms from your laptop so that you aren’t tempted to use them during study.

Recreate the assessment conditions
It is more likely that you will recall information from the same place where it was first taught. This is called context-dependent learning. You should try to recreate the environment where you will be tested when creating your study area. You will be able to recall what you have learned much more easily when it comes time for assessment.

Take water
Always keep a bottle or glass of water handy. To concentrate, you should always be hydrated throughout study sessions. A lot of assessments will allow you to bring a water bottle along with you. This allows you to simulate test conditions and you can also use it to revise.

Natural light is available
Nobody wants to work in a dark place. The body can feel less motivated if it doesn’t have enough natural light. The blue light from a computer can cause strain on your eyes. Natural light can help reduce this strain. Lethargic feeling is not something you want while revising.

Only study in the area
Only use your study space. Your brain will form stronger associations between what you do and where you do it. Your brain will get used to revising every time you sit down to study over time.
Get organized
It is better to study than spend time searching for the right pen, paper or sheet of paper. Organize all of your stationery and other study materials in your study area. Your mental resources will be freed up to concentrate on revising by knowing where everything is.

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