Focus on Your Job Hunting With the PA Unemployment Compensation

The State of Pennsylvania has an unemployment website that has all the latest information about unemployment benefits and extension on the request. These insurance benefits also have the eligibility criteria which states who can receive the benefits. There are also guides present on the website that tell you how to calculate how much PA Unemployment Compensation benefit pay you are eligible for based on your previous employment and qualifications.


Website Information

The website has forms for applying for the PA Unemployment Compensation and also the procedure for eligibility appeals. If you think you deserve the compensation but have been rejected then you can file an appeal to have the decision reconsidered. The online claims are also filed through this website. You can find information about the taxes, federal programs, benefits and other services from here as well.

There are useful links given on the page about the claims and how often you can file for them. There are weekly, biweekly and all other types of claims. The status of the claim can also be checked through the PA Unemployment Compensation website.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am unemployed, can I receive the PA Unemployment Compensation?

The first part of the eligibility criteria is that you need to earn enough money throughout the first four quarters of your base year at the employment. Also the reason for unemployment should not be due to any shortcoming on your behalf and you must be willing to return to work as soon as your get the opportunity.

How much amount am I eligible to receive?

You will be paid half of the fulltime pages from when you were employed. The amount is the weekly benefit rate and it is calculated based on your earnings from the base year. The website contains the detailed procedure on how much benefits you will receive on a weekly basis.


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