Revamp your photos with Free My PiZap Account

Are you looking to edit your photos? Do you want to make a beautiful picture collage? Do you like to make your photos more artsy and attractive? If yes, then PiZap is the website for all your photo revamping. This article contains all the instruction you need to create your Free My PiZap Account. Once you signup you can get upgrades to improve or make your photos more interesting. These upgrades include new stickers, the ability to remove the PiZap logo as a watermark from your pictures and you get to save unlimited pictures! Moreover, you can earn 25 free PiZap points and achievement badges or points by creating a Free My PiZap Account. You also get private or free public galleries to save your pictures in.

It is very easy and simple to make Free PiZap Account online. It will only take a few minutes and you can do it whenever it is easy for you.

What is PiZap?

PiZap is basically an online photo editing website. It allows its users to edit and give special effects to their photos for free. This company based in the United States. Using the PiZap allows you to add graphics, special effects and customized texts to your pictures according to your tastes. You can also use this software to edit your Facebook and Instagram photos etc. Many other benefits are also given by PiZap to its users who make a PiZap Account. They have many users all over the globe now.

How to make Free My PiZap Account

Following are a few easy steps to make you Free My PiZap Account:

  1. To make your account you first need a laptop, PC or any other device and an internet connection.
  2. For making this account you need to at least be of 13 years of age and must have an email address that is currently working.
  3. Open your internet browser and go to
  4. You get a seven day free trial if you click on the option of ‘free trial’ in the middle of the screen.
  5. After that you will get an option of logging in through Facebook, Twitter or your google account. You can also make an account the traditional way. That is click on the ‘sign up’ option below.
  6. If you click on the signup option then you will be asked to give a username. Enter your username.
  7. Next create and enter your password in the space provided.
  8. Then you should enter your email address twice to confirm it in the space provided.
  9. Click on the ‘register’ option.
  10. Thus your Free PiZap account is created.

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