SmartKick vs Nanrobot Electric Scooters: A Comparison

We all know how hectic is that when we have to go somewhere for our important work and we are just stuck in the traffic. And how tiring is this when we have to go somewhere and we cannot take a bus or train for it. All this tiring and hectic problem can be solve by a solution that this technological era has gifted us in the form of Electric scooters.  

But if someone has to buy it then, that one should have some basic knowledge of it. Because electric scooter is not just about having a ride, it’s about having a companion. And the best companion (Electric Scooter) that you can get in Canada is Smartkick and nanrobot Electric scooters. Both are good but one differ another in some ways and specs. So, to help you what can be your partner and ideal scooter, here we have done a short comparison between Smartkick and Nanrobot. 

SmartKick Electric Scooters

Smartkick provide its users best bikes like X8 Plus Electric Kick Scooter with Quick Removable Battery, Triple Brakes and X7 Pro Electric Kick Scooter with Quick Removable Battery, Triple Brakes both the versions are pretty similar with difference in battery size as X8 has bigger battery then X7 and this small difference cause the difference in range as well as speed and prize. Smartkick electric scooters are foldable and you even fix it and are portable also. With their light weight you can carry them anywhere without hesitation. These electric scooters have lights in all right places and have triple brakes system. 

SPECIFICATION OF X7 PRO                              

TOP SPEED*:  30 km/h (18.6 mph) 

MAX RANGE*: 30 km (18.6 mi) 

WEIGHT: 13 – 15.5 kgs (29 – 34 lbs) 

MOTOR: 350W 

BATTERY: 36V / 6.4Ah (230.4WH) 

MAX LOAD: 20 – 100 kg (44 – 220 lbs) 

MAX GRADE: 10 Deg 

TIRE SIZE: 10 in 


TOP SPEED*: 30 km/h (18.6 mph) 

MAX RANGE*: 48 – 60 km (30 – 37 mi) 

WEIGHT: 13 – 16.5 kgs (33 – 36.5 lbs) 

MOTOR: 350W 

BATTERY: 36V / 10.4 – 12.8 Ah (374 – 460 WH) 

MAX LOAD: 20 – 100 kg (44 – 220 lbs) 

MAX GRADE: 10 Deg 

TIRE SIZE: 10 in 

Nanrobot Electric Scooters 

Nanrobot electric scooter D6+ Dual Motor 2000W E-Scooter – 52V 26Ah Battery comes with both hydraulic brakes and cable brakes but of course there will be a difference in price. The nanrobot is very well design electric scooter with enough suspension that have capacity to make your travelling comfortable. It can be folded but you cannot fix it like that. Otherwise it has pretty good range and can be charge in 5 hourse with 2 chargers. 


TOP SPEED*: 65 km/h (40 mph) 

MAX RANGE*: 50 ~ 120 km (30-75 miles) 

WEIGHT: 35 kgs (77 lbs) 

MOTOR: 1000W x 2 

BATTERY: 52V / 26Ah 

MAX LOAD: 150 kg (330 lbs) 

MAX GRADE: –  TIRE SIZE: 10 x 3 in

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