Terms of Service

  1. Terms

Every time you would choose to visit Winkler Post website, you are immediately bound to submit to the Terms of Use outlined by the Winkler Post website and in extension to all the rules and legal laws and moreover, each visitor will also conform to take complete responsibility if they are conforming to any other legal boundaries which in these circumstances may apply to the policy. In case you have any issues conforming to any of the rules you will be prohibited from accessing the Winkler Post website. All of the images, material and third party links on Winkler Post are safeguarded by laws of copyrights and trade mark laws.

  1. License of Use
  2. For every visitor, permission is granted to download one a single copy of the content that too not on a permanent basis and only for the intent of personal usage rather than any public or commercial use. This is although not a grant of entitling a license but under these terms you should not perform any of the following activities:
    1. Make any changes or modification to the content or material of Winkler Post
    2. Make use of the material in any public places or use it for commercial purposes
  • Hide any logos of copyrights or other marks from the website’s content
  • Associate the entitlement of the material to any third person or have mirror viewing of the content on a secondary server.
  • Your conformity to these legal terms will automatically be terminated if you are caught to be disengaging from any of these laws and that particular visitor’s access will immediately be cancelled by Winkler Post. In case any of the visitors is not allowed access, he/she will be responsible for removing any of the websites content that he/she may have downloaded on to their devices in form of soft or hard copy.
  1. Disclaimer

The entire materials and content that Winkler Post contains is in compliance with services of the companies enlisted. However, Winkler Post has not committed to comply with any of the warranties and also rejects conforming to any extra warranties which include examples of warranties that may be implied or warranties that are generated for any specific reason or for any rights of non-infringements towards intellectual property and in case of non-compliance with the rights of intellectual properties. Winkler Post has made no claims to provide complete accuracy, make predictions of the potential results or provide warranties for the content being reliable that is utilized by the web pages of Winkler Post Project.

  1. Limitations

Winkler Post itself and all its third party links, under any condition cannot be held responsible if the content is damaged or incorrect including without limits, change in timelines, modification to the profits earned or any other kinds of loss which may have occurred due to the use of the website’s material or any hindrance while making use of the Winkler Post material even when the circumstances are that Winkler Post itself or any other legal party of Winkler Post has been made aware verbally or in writing of any damage to the content. However, these restrictions will not be applied if damage to data has been incidental and not intentional.

  1. Revisions

The material and content on Winkler Post may consist multiple technical errors in published images or while typing the content. However, Winkler Post under no event is to be held liable if the content has errors as no claim has been made for accuracy, latest content or completion of content. Winkler Post modifies its materials frequently and that too without any prior notice to any of its users neither does Winkler Post promises to update the content on a daily basis.

  1. Links

Winkler Post takes no responsibility to proofread or review the contents of the third party websites that are affiliated with Winkler Post and neither takes liability for any of the content or images published on these third party sites. These sites have absolutely no endorsement from the Winkler Post and if any visitor uses this content it will be solely on their own risk.

  1. Data and Data Ownership

Winkler Post claims that none of the content or the images on its blogs that are published is permanent in fact temporary and may be deleted at any point in time to make storage on the site. The content will be deleted without any notification or announcement to any of the visitors of Winkler Post.