Things that can Affect the Value of a Car

Selling or buying a car can be a very frustrating process. There are so many factors and constraints involved not just about the car, but also with regards to the selling and buying platform, the princess, the car valuation technique, the government rules and regulations, and so on. 

In a country like Ireland, it is quite easy for car owners to list and sell their cars through various options but the most important factor would be to ensure that the correct value is listed. Car Valuation Ireland norms in the market dictate listing the cars after thorough evaluation and so that both sellers and buyers can benefit from the same. 

What is Car Valuation?

Car Valuation is a process that helps the buyer of a car or a seller of a car to arrive at the right value for the car so that it can be listed for sale or purchase. There are many independent car valuation teams that act as third-party vendors that can help in the valuation of the car to arrive at a range that will be mutually beneficial for the buyer and the seller. 

Car Valuation in Ireland has many such platforms both online and offline where one can enlist their cars, either to showcase interest in purchasing or for sales. Both buyers and sellers benefited from this process. 

Car Evaluation can be done by examining various factors about the car that help in examining the value of the car and helping to understand the current status of the car at the time of sale/purchase. Car valuation is done with a list of factors that determine the value of the car and it can be analyzed in comparison with the market average to come to a conclusion. 

Evaluation Factors for Car Value

While buying or selling a car, a car valuation team would be interested in checking the following parameters based on which the car value is arrived at:

  1. Age

The age of the car is one of the most important factors as the older the car, the lesser price it will fetch in the market. Fresher cars always move along faster.

  1. Condition of Car

Any damage to the car, scratches, dents, repairs, or accidents can lower the value of the car. The cleaner the car, the higher its value. Cars that are in good shape and condition move along faster.

  1. Mileage of Car

Mileage is the number of km the car has driven. The higher the mileage of the car, the lower is its value in the market. The market average for mileage is 20,000kms per year. 

  1. Damage to Car

Accidental damage history can affect the value of the car. If the car has had any serious accidents in the past, it can decrease the value. 

  1. Previous Owners

For the purpose of depreciation, the fewer owners the car has had, the better value the car fetches in the market.

  1. Service Records

A full and complete service record with no lapse in services and in well-maintained condition can always bring a better price for the car.

  1. NCT and Motor Tax Records

Buyers will need paperwork with regards to all the taxes paid for the car and therefore, the cars with all tax records get a better price in the market.

  1. Extra Fittings to Car

Any additional fittings such as a rearview camera, multimedia system, sound system, etc will fetch a better price in the market. 

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