Things to Know Before getting a Breast Implant

 Breast implants are one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world right now.  A breast implant or boob job is not done strictly for cosmetic reasons, a lot of the time there is some kind of underlying medical condition which may require a person to get a breast implant. If you are thinking about getting a breast implant here are few things that you should know about.

  • The majority of breast implants are made from silicone shells filled with a specific type of silicone gel. The material used especially today is not harmful to the human body in any way
  • Breast implants come in different shapes and sizes. Your surgeon guides you on which implant is best for your  posture and does not cause any health concerns while providing the best esthetics
  • In a lot of countries breast implants are considered medical devices with a certain classification which varies from country to country, so it is envisaged that the Notified Body, before issuing the CE certification, and therefore before allowing them to be placed on the market, carefully evaluates their design, quality, and production. These are particularly controlled devices before they can be marketed and, once placed on the market, subject to careful and constant supervision and surveillance by the Ministry of Health to guarantee safety in their use.
  • Prostheses should not be considered permanent implants. They have no minimum or maximum duration and this duration cannot be foreseen in the individual case. The longer the implant residence time, the greater the likelihood of having to undergo a second operation due to capsular contracture, rupture, or overall change in the result. However, it is true that in several cases the prostheses remain in place for 20 or 30 years.
  • It is necessary to investigate with the specialist plastic surgeon the most suitable type of prosthesis for your specific case, being aware that there is no best prosthesis, but prostheses from different companies with different shapes and characteristics which, concerning your physical structure and your needs, can allow a better result
  • You must request the coupon and the guarantee of the prosthesis that has been inserted, for each subsequent check and any secondary surgery years later
  • Be aware that breast implants are subject, albeit in a limited number of cases, to possible complications, such as capsular contracture, rupture, ALCL, and that the result, even in the absence of complications, may deteriorate over time and lead to a subsequent intervention
  • Be aware that regular annual clinical follow-up associated with ultrasound is required. Often women who undergo breast augmentation, especially if young and in good health, tend not to carry out clinical checks after some time. This attitude is to be avoided: the advice is to return regularly to the plastic surgeon. In case of changes in your appearance or changes in the prosthesis, contact your surgeon 
  • In case of breast radiological checks, it is necessary to make clear the presence of breast implants by delivering the guarantee slip that was given to you by the plastic surgeon
  • It is a common misconception that breast implants can increase the chance of getting breast cancer which is completely false and there are no studies that can prove otherwise.
  • Similarly, another question most commonly asked is if silicone gel can cause allergies. The answer to which is no, as the chemical composition of the material renders it inert.
  • Another question frequently asked is that does silicone in breast implants gets lost in the body and can it pass into breast milk? Yes but very minimal quantities of silicone exude from the envelope: this quantity, however, is so negligible that it cannot be recorded with blood tests. The majority of the silicone circulating in our body comes from the contact between the foods we ingest and some food containers that are covered with it.
  • If you are worried about silicone implant breaking, then do not worry for the silicone gel contained in current prostheses has a peculiar technical characteristic which is called “cohesion”. In practice, the molecular structure does not allow the substance to disperse, but remains cohesive with itself, without dissolving and migrating.
  • Another concern for some women is if breast implants are subject to changes in pressures. Meaning what will happen to implants while flying on high altitudes or scuba diving etc. Not to sweat for breast implants of the latest generation can withstand considerable mechanical stress.

Hope a lot of questions have been answered and useful info provided in the article above. But before we conclude there is a piece of serious advice for anyone getting a boob job. Always go to a reputable plastic surgeon with good reviews. There are many shady institutions out there, which might be low in prices but have questionable services. So do not take chances with your body and making a proper inquiry and do your research before having any kind of procedure done.

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