Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade into A Power Running Board

There’s something about a truck. For drivers and passengers who are vertically challenged, that “something” is that a truck can be a challenge to get in and out of. To solve this little predicament, many trucks—as well as higher SUVs and crossovers—feature some sort of running board, side step or nerf bar. While all will give a much-needed boost to even the most petite passenger, here are the top 5 reasons to upgrade to a power running board:

1. Automated System

Regardless of whether they’re automated or fixed, running boards offer the same standard benefits. First and foremost, they allow passengers of any height to easily enter and exit your vehicle. In addition, they serve as a place to wipe your feet before climbing in, which helps to maintain the cleanliness of the truck’s interior. But power running boards boast several features that give them a clear advantage over their nonautomated counterparts:

  • Sensors: Extend the running board when opening the door, and retract it when closing the door, stowing it out of sight and out of the way when not in use
  • LED Light System: Activates when the step drops down for greater visibility and safety at night
  • WiFi Functionality: Enables you to operate your override switch in-app (on applicable models)
  • Anti-pinch Technology: Detects obstacles and stops the running board from moving any further, preventing injuries to passengers and damage to the vehicle

2. Convenience

Power running boards allow for greater flexibility in driving on different types of terrain. When off-roading on a rugged trail, a fixed running board can easily be clipped and damaged by a rock or wayward branch. This is a nonissue with motorized running boards as you can retract them whenever you want.

You may think that because of their electrical systems, power running boards require an elaborate installation process; fortunately, this is not the case. Most automated running boards can be hooked up using brackets that attach to the premade holes in your vehicle—no additional drilling is necessary. Smart models, like Amp Research PowerStep running boards, feature a specialized system that connects an electrical harness to your OBD-II port, simplifying installation even further.

3. Accessibility

Accessories like truck nerf bars are a literal step in the right direction toward accessibility for passengers with disabilities and those who are just plain short. But power running boards are adjustable and can accommodate differences in height and mobility. No need for Grandma to ride in a separate car.

4. Durability

Power running boards are manufactured using robust materials such as aluminium, which enables them to withstand not only daily wear and tear, but also extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Retractability further protects motorized running boards from potential hazards. Driving during a snowstorm? Retract. Navigating through a narrow tunnel? Retract. Winding up a rocky hill? Retract. You get the idea.

5. Style

For many adventurous motorists, their vehicle is an extension of themselves—a reflection of their personal style. Power running boards give a certain je ne sais quoi that sets you apart from other truck, Jeep and SUV owners. Elevate the functionality and style of your ride by upgrading to a power running board. Shop at a reputable retailer for stellar service and top-quality products from trusted brands.

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