Ohio Unemployment Benefits Is Your One-Stop Solution for Extended Benefits

Are you out of a job but still need benefits to keep yourself afloat? Don’t worry, you don’t have to file for bankruptcy just yet. If you are eligible for the Ohio Unemployment Benefits, you can get an extra little bit of help while you are between jobs.

About Ohio Unemployment Benefits

The levels of unemployment in the state of Ohio keep changing year by year, but no one can deny that there are many people in the state that are still between jobs. Although that is perfectly normal, it can sometimes mean that the unemployed person can find it difficult to keep up with their everyday expenses now that their regular income is gone. To prevent this exact fate, the state of Ohio has come up with an unemployment benefits program, to help people who need work to have basic necessities as they look for jobs. An account with their website can help you look for work, apply for compensation and benefits, and much more!


Eligibility Requirements for Ohio Unemployment Benefits

In order to be qualified to receive benefits from the State of Ohio, you must fulfill these requirements:

  1. Before this unemployment, you need to have earned at least a minimum wage.
  2. You must be perfectly able to pursue work and must be pursuing work.
  3. Your last job should have ended due to no clear fault of yours.

How to Use Ohio Unemployment Benefits

To get access to the unemployment benefits form, you’ll need to start an account. Doing this is very easy if you are following the steps explained below.

  • Go to the website for the Ohio Unemployment Benefits at http://unemployment.ohio.gov/
  • Once there, file your claim online and submit it to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.
  • If your claim is received and accepted, you will receive instructions on how to file for weekly claims.
  • You may be contacted for further information by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

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