Why Is PMP Certification Important to Your Career?

PMP is one of the finest project management credentials all over the world. The following has provided numerous candidates several job opportunities which has helped them to change their career. High paying jobs are a must for the candidates who achieve the PMP certification. The following certification is awarded to the candidates by PMI (Project Management Institute. The following credential has also provided an upper-hand to numerous individuals in the field of project management.

There are a lot of ways by which PMP certification can contribute to the career betterment of individuals. Listed below are some reasons which state that the PMP certification is important for the candidates.

Reasons why PMP certification is important:

  1. It is costly:

If the candidates aspiring to appear the PMP certification exam are not the members of PMI, then the certification cost of the PMP credential examination will be 550 USD. But, if the candidates are a member of PMP, the examination cost will be 405 USD. The membership of PMI itself costs 139 USD. There is a difference between the expenses of a PMI member and a non-PMI candidate. Hence, it is recommended to the candidates that they go for the PMI membership.

If the candidates wish to retake the examination after failing to succeed in the first attempt, it would cost them 275 USD if the candidate is a member and 375 USD if the candidate is not a member of PMI.

  1. Quite difficult to qualify:

The fact that the examination of PMP is tough is undeniable. There are numerous candidates who think that it is the toughest exam of their life. The certification exam is quite difficult because the following not only examines the memory of the methodologies but techniques to apply those. The candidates need to answer a total of 200 questions in the allotted time of 240 minutes which is even tough for a seasoned project manager. There are candidates who qualify the exam in 2-3 months whereas there are candidates who take years to qualify the following certification exam.

  1. Adds credibility to the CV:

PMP training in San Antonio TX is one of the most valuable certification programs among other professional certifications. The demand of a project manager is never low in the industry. This is the reason due to which the demand of the following is gradually increasing and numerous individuals are applying for it. Recruiting candidates one-by-one consumes a lot of resource and time. This is the reason due to which numerous individuals are eliminated during the interview process. Here, the PMO credential proves that the individuals chosen by PMP are specially shortlisted candidates. These days, a lot of companies are making the PML certification mandatory for requirement.

  1. Provides industry recognition:

It is a known fact that the Certification of PMP is globally recognized. Numerous certification programs lay emphasis on particular geography or domain. On the other hand, the certification of PMP operates with any industry and location worldwide. Hence, addition of the following credential to the resume would bring global recognition to the candidates. If the individuals are new to the field of project management, they can completely rely on PMP to enhance their experience. The organizations also realize the fact that certified managers are better at finishing project within the budget and deadline.

  1. Helps to learn necessary expertise:

There are numerous project managers in the industry who are looking out for jobs in the job market. In this field, achieving the PMP certification will make the candidates stand apart from the crowd. The certification of PMP is not easy to achieve and the standards of the following are also high. The candidates need proper preparation to qualify the exam. The following creates the understanding of concepts of project management techniques and tools hence introducing them with all the necessary skills they need to be a project manager.

  1. Ensures high income:

The biggest thing which the individuals engaged in PMP can achieve is higher salary. There are numerous PMP certified candidates in the industry. According to survey, the average salary of a project manager is 1,08,000 USD where as that of a non-certified candidate is only 91,100 USD. There are a lot of individuals who are engaged to the following looking forward to its high income and high salary. The following is considered as one of the highest paying Information Technology credential.

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