View Your Employment Benefits on the Sears Associate Portal

Sear Associate is an HR information center that provides employees who work there online services such as information about benefits, compensation, performance evaluation, policies, retention, standard operating procedures and other forms.


Benefits of an Account

Sears Associate has its own website where you can get all the information you would need regarding your job. There are welfare benefits and other human resource documents uploaded on the portal. The most important aspect of the website is you can check the benefits available to you. The employee handbook, forms for benefits, notices, newsletters are available there.

If you want to check your health insurance benefits, welfare benefits, dental benefits and life insurance you can check it all here.  Financial benefits such as pensions, 401k and other saving plans are also available on the Sears Associate account. You can get information about your retirement and stock purchasing. There are also discounts for Sears employees and you can check how much you are eligible for online. Sears also owns Kmart so those who work for that grocery store can check their employee information on the Sears Associate website as well. Personal information such as paychecks and everything else is mentioned on the website.

Instructions for Activating Account

If you have a Sears Associate account already you can log in on and view the status of your employment and benefits online. If you are not an employee yet and are interested in joining Sears after reading about the benefit then you can apply for an opening.

There is also a Sears credit card for customers that lets them save money. Also lucky shoppers can win a $4,000 gift card if they share feedback on their visit through the online customer survey. Sears employees cannot enter but they can tell their friends who are not their blood relation to join the sweepstakes and win the prize.


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