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Find happiness in the little things

It is difficult nowadays to experience happiness and satisfaction in the little things life presents before us because we become so engrossed in living our life as fast as possible that these things actually go unnoticed. When was the last time you enjoyed doing something as mundane as going for grocery shopping? Very hard to remember, right? The reason behind this is our need to accomplish everything in a matter of moments instead of waiting to stop and take in the little joys of life. Due to this fact, AG Foods provides their customers an environment where they can shop for things they need at their house, as comfortably as they can. It is made sure that they get the best of the best and that, too, at prices that are lesser than any other place they might go to. The additional advantage of coming to AG Foods is that now they are carrying out a Great Grocery Giveaway Contest which allows the people who come to the store, a chance to participate in fun games and win prizes when they purchase anything (except alcoholic beverages and cigarettes) from AG Foods.Where else would you find the opportunity to get all this? So stop wasting any more time and visit the nearest AG Foods outlet right now to win instant prizes and enjoy with your friends and family.Great Grocery Giveaway Contest

About AG Foods

The stores of AG Foods are found in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, in Canada, and also in 50 other countries around the world. They have always maintained a certain quality of the products they have at their stores and try to keep their prices as low as possible so the customers can have a better shopping experience and are able to buy everything they have come for. Great Grocery Giveaway Contest

The Great Grocery Giveaway Contest

To participate in the contest, you need to be a legal Canadian resident and should visit an AG Foods outlet near you that is conducting this contest. From there, you must purchase some item(s) so you can get a game ticket, or bonus game tickets, for one of the games. Enter the contest by clicking on

There are three ways to take part in the Great Grocery Giveaway Contest.

  1. Online Win! – When you get your game ticket, inside it is going to be a unique PIN. You need to sign up if you are playing for the first time and enter your PIN into your account. To make your account, go to and register.
  2. Instant Win! – As the name suggests, with this game you can win instantly. Just peel open the game ticket that you receive to see what you have won!
  3. Enter to Win! – Check your game ticket that you receive at the checkout counter and if it says “Enter to Win”, then you have to write your name and phone number and put in your ballot in the ballot box.

The prizes that you win are different with each game, such as $50 gift certificates, free or discounted products and even free groceries for the whole year! Read the rules of the contest here

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