Amerigroup Health Care Solutions

If you are looking for a healthcare plan and a provider that cares for you and will help you in every way possible; look no more! Amerigroup Health Care Solutions is there to satisfy your every need, their goal is to find the best way to serve their members. Amerigroup is always looking for a way that can generate positivity and is cost effective. If you need any help covering your medical bills, Amerigroup Health Care Solutions will provide you the help. This platform will give you medical care if you are over 65 years old, they also help people who are dealing with disability. If you want someone to go an extra mile for you, Amerigroup Health Care Solutions is your guy.


About Amerigroup

The aim of Amerigroup is to offer real solutions that will improve health care access and quality to the members of the community. They want a proactive approach that will help reduce the overall cost of care. Amerigroup runs with a motto that people come first, they treat their customers the way they want to be treated themselves. If you want a health care provider to really feel what you are going through, Amerigroup is the one! They engage and listen with empathy, and provide simple solutions to people’s problems. They promote kindness, they make their customers feel understood. Amerigroup wants to make a significant difference in the lives of their customers. They keep their aims real and simple, they work in the present while looking into the future.

If you want your health care provider to be honest and committed to you, you now know Amerigroup Health Care Solutions will always be there for you. They say they are trustworthy, transparent, and committed. Amerigroup’s vision is to be America’s health partner, and they have proven it for the past years.


Amerigroup Health Care Solutions

They claim they are the health care you can count on and when exploring their page you will see three kinds of health care options.

  1. Medicaid: Low-cost coverage for children for children. adults and families.
  2. Medicare-Medicaid Plans: Combined Medicare and Medicaid coverage for eligible adults over 21.
  3. Medicare: Coverage for age 65 and older, people with disabilities.

The point being, you can select whichever plan that suits you the best. For instance, you want to go with Medicare-Medicaid Plans after that you click on your state and enter. Amerigroup will give you one card, I repeat one card, and it will provide you Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription drug benefits. You will a have a service coordinator who will make sure all your care and services are in-sync. Obviously, there are an eligibility and enrollment criteria:

  • You should be living in the service area: Bexar, El Paso, Harris, and Tarrant counties
  •  Age should be 21 or over
  • Should be eligible for Medicare Parts A and B and D and full Medicaid benefits

You can also act as a provider or investor, the goal is to make the health care system great. If you want to contact them as a member, provider, investor, click on the link:

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