Making your experience better with AutoZone Rewards Account

Every car lover dreams of having a service that provides their beloved car with the best maintenance they can provide for; someone who thrives with the care and respect one should have while dealing with the different parts of a car. Is that really too much to ask for? No sir, it is not! Join the AutoZone family right now by becoming a member and registering for the account and never worry regarding any problem that your car might face. Stay up to date with all their latest offers and pamper your car because it is meant to be spoiled. Being a member with AutoZone, they will keep reminding you about all the services they have to offer so do not waste any more time. The story, however, does not end here because now you can also create an AutoZone Rewards Account and earn one credit regularly. Once you start collecting these credits, a total of five credits can then make you win a reward which is worth $20! With your AutoZone Rewards Account, you will be able to keep a track of the credits you have earned and utilize them when you use any facility with AutoZone. Bid adios to all your car related worries as with AutoZone, you can now depend on them to take perfect care of your car. auto zone

About AutoZone

This industry was founded by Pitt Hyde in the year 1979, in the city of Arkansas, and is one of the biggest industries for all kinds of parts and accessories related to the automotive market. Their main office is located in Memphis, Tennessee but they have their outlets all over the United States and even in Brazil and Mexico. With over more than a thousand employees working for the company, it comes as no surprise that their sales, per year, have reached to the big number of 6 billion dollars. auto zone

How to register for an AutoZone Rewards Account

If you have an access to the internet via your mobile phone or computer, you just need to have your email address with you and you are going to be halfway there to your AutoZone Rewards Account. You are also going to need your AutoZone Rewards membership card and you will be all set to go. Follow these simple steps and be closer to winning rewards with AutoZone.

  1. To go to the website of AutoZone, click on You also have the option to translate your page in Spanish as the website is available in both, English and Spanish.
  2. As the website page appears before you, click on “Register” that is written below “AutoZone Rewards”.
  3. Now enter all the required information in the boxes given and click on “Create an Account”.
  4. When you visit the website of AutoZone Rewards now, you will need to log in with your card number and the temporary password. After you have logged in, you can change your password and use your account whenever you want.

For any further questions or queries, you can visit the FAQ page of AutoZone by clicking on

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