Who is Eligible to Receive Arizona Unemployment Insurance Benefits

If you live in Arizona and are unemployed then you are eligible for the unemployment insurance benefits. The application can be downloaded and submitted on the Arizona Unemployment Insurance Benefits where you can view all the benefits available to you.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

How to Access Your Benefits Account

The Department of Economic Security in Arizona manages the website www.azui.com and provides the support services as well. You can register a new application, check weekly claims and appeal any rejected requests on the website as well. Other services include:

  • Federal extension on UI benefits
  • View status of claims
  • Appeal UI decisions
  • Qualification criteria for Arizona Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Qualification Requirements

Individuals who were previously employed by a company that pays unemployment tax can claim these benefits. They must also have earned at least 390 times the minimum wage in the state of Arizona during their highest earning quarter with a minimum total of 3 earning quarter salary being equal to half the amount of highest quarter.


Applicants must also be permanent residents of the state of Arizona. They should be living in America, Puerto Rico, Canada or any of the Virgin Islands. They must be willing to accept employment immediately and have access to the employment office. Other than that the individuals should be of sound body and mind. The disabled or incapacitated cannot receive Arizona Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

The person applying for benefits must have the necessary qualification, education, experience and training required for the jobs that are available in the market and they must be ready to accept a full-time job offer as soon as one presents itself. The person also has to prove they are actively looking for a job and only in that case can they receive their weekly benefits. A record of the companies visited and appointments made must be provided to the unemployment office.


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