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Love dining at BJ’s? Well you are in luck, now is your chance to dine at your favorite restaurant and get rewarded for it. So look forward to enjoying delicious food as well as tempting rewards and special offers, is what you will in store the next time you are around BJ. Member of the BJ premier rewards program get food rewards, discounts and much more. Members are free to participate in BJ’s all access auction. This is your chance to score terrific merchandise or win really exciting experiences.

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Instructions to get rewards from BJ’s restaurant

If you are a premier reward member at BJ’s you have the chance to take advantage of huge rewards, exclusive offers, and various other benefits. The best part is Bj’s Premier Rewards program is free to join. Please follow the below steps, so you can start earning rewards from the program:

  • The first step is to go to the official website of Bj’s. Once at the homepage you have to press the “Register now” button on the center of the homepage. You can register yourself through printed card or a digital card. In case you don’t have either, don’t worry just enter your personal information like your first and last name, email address, complete address, etc.
  • Once you are successfully registered as a BJ’s Premier rewards member you will start earning points right away. For every $1 you spend on purchases at BJ’s you will gain 1 point. So the next time you are around at BJ’s, pay with your BJ’s premier rewards member ID so you can enjoy a delicious deal and your points will be automatically transferred to your rewards account at BJ’s.
  • Another way to earn points is through buying BJ’s gift gear. Please keep in mind to include your BJ’s premier member ID when you check out.
  • Members can also get automatic points without spending any money. Sign up for automatic posts that tell your friends, foursquare and twitter about BJ’s for extra points.

Redeem points

Please follow the below steps so that you can start redeeming your points:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Browse the merchandise in the rewards catalog.
  • Choose your rewards and add them to your cart.
  • Once done, proceed to checkout and provide your shipping address and your points be reduced from your account.

You can also redeem points at BJ’s restaurant.

  • Provide your BJ’s premier rewards member ID to the host or server.
  • Choose the rewards you want to redeem.
  • Points will be automatically reduced from your account.

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About BJ’s Restaurants

BJ’s was founded in 1978 and first opened in Orange County, California. In 1996, the first BJ’s brewery began production in the new restaurant in Brea, California. The introduction of fine handcrafted beer was welcomed by guests and the newly renamed BJ’s Restaurant & Brewery concept was launched. 


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