BT Yahoo! Online Services guide

BT Yahoo! Online Services are for yahoo account holders. These online services are many and can be very beneficial you. Through BT Yahoo! Online Services you can check your email, news, weather updates and life tips all in one place. Hence access to BT Yahoo! Online Services is a must have.  This online service not only provides its users with a safe and secure email service, but also gives ab easy to use search engine. Through this search engine you can search for anything you want answers for. Moreover it also gives its users a powerful web portal that provides news, entertainment, weather reports and health information etc.

Hence just by using BT Yahoo! Online Services, users can get a variety of information and updates. You can also conveniently setup more than one email addresses on BT Yahoo! This would allow you more and better services with larger storage. All you need to do to avail these services is to sign up for an account online. Signing up is easy and very convenient and all you need for it is a computer and an internet access. This article will tell you how you can avail these yahoo services online with ease. Making an account would only take a few minutes of your time.

About Yahoo!

Yahoo is considered to be one of the largest web portals in the world. It is a world famous American multinational internet corporation. It was founded in 1995. Its founders are Jerry Yang and David Filo. Yahoo! Is completely owned by Verizon communications through Oath Inc. their headquarters are in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Yahoo! Provides email services, search engine, web dictionary, social media and other online services. It is highly reputed worldwide for the services it provides.

How to access BT Yahoo! Online services

To access these online services you must firstly have a laptop or a PC with an internet access. Follow these steps to avail the BT Yahoo services:

  1. Open your web browser and visit the BT Yahoo! Services homepage on this link
  2. In case you already have a Yahoo account, then all you need to do is click on the ‘sign in’ option and enter your email address and password in the given space provided. Click on ‘sign in’ and you will be able to access BT Yahoo! Services.
  3. Click on the yahoo logo if you do not have a Yahoo account. Their homepage will open up.
  4. Click on the ‘sign up’ option to register for a yahoo account.
  5. Enter the information that is required for creating an account and then click on ‘create my account’ option to register your account.
  6. You can then sign in at B Yahoo! And enjoy their services.

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