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Did you know that is part of network? Free Shipping is the leading provider of rebates, discounts, and member protection benefits. Now Free Shipping is offering rebates to its customers. The offer is too good to be true.

Instructions to Claim Your Rebate

Claim your rebate is part of the Free Shipping network and is designed to help you claim the rebate for your purchase. With this program now you will be able to benefit and enjoy shipping rebates, discounts, and member protection benefits. As long as you have purchased from one of the following merchants: Active Forever, AppleSeed’s, As We Change, Baby Gifts, Unique, Barefoot Science, Bed Bath store, Bedford Farid, Before the Stores, Bender Ball, Bett’s Attic, Blair, Beyong Blossoms, CD Universe, Coward shoes, Cookie Kids, Ebay, eCampus, and whole lot more companies.

To start the process and get the rebate at Also join the Free Shipping insiders club which is a great choice if you like to save money. Now you can also shop through which has an exclusive directory of over 1500 different and top merchants available on the internet. Also get cash back on all your shipping charges!

Below is a list of the member only benefits:

  • Save on shipping costs directly from the checkout and get free shipping and cash.
  • Members also get shipping rebates which are $10 per claim, $500 per year in exclusive free shipping mail in rebates.
  • Members get up to 500 dollars in return shipping coverage.
  • Members also get the complete Price Protection program which guarantees best possible with a 90-day cash back option.
  • Coupons are also awarded to members which can be used to instantly get deals and special promotions help you save more.

About Free Shipping

Free Shipping is a Clarus Marketing group company and has been online now for more than 10 years. It is the leading subscription based shopping portal on the internet. Free Shipping prides itself with their history of great customer satisfaction and top ratings received. Members who choose Free Shipping as there first stop get instant access to free shipping deals worldwide not available anywhere else. Being a member of Free Shipping gives you the luxury of not having to ever pay full price for shipping on their online purchases ever again which in return helps to save big bucks. Plus the best part is if a purchase doesn’t work out Free Shipping covers the cost of Shipping it back.

Free Shipping


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