Apply for Delta SkyMiles Check Cards and Get Amazing Rewards!

How do the companies make their customers into their loyal customers? How do they make sure that the people they are serving today, will return tomorrow? One option is the customer satisfaction surveys. It helps to highlight their weaknesses and strengthens their abilities. The other option is the Loyalty program. It is a type of program of to retain their existing customers by sharing certain benefits in one way or another. Delta Air Lines with their Delta SkyMiles Check Card programs, make sure that your traveling is rewarded in the best way possible, once you enroll in their program.

About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta Air Lines Inc. or commonly known as Delta, is one of the biggest players in airline industry in United States. Their headquartered and also the largest hub is located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. It was founded in 1924 and commenced its operations on June 17, 1929. Along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates, Delta operates over 5,400 flights daily that includes 319 destinations in 54 countries.

Why Apply for Delta SkyMiles Check Cards

There are many benefits to the Delta SkyMiles Check Card program, some of them which are highlighted below:

  • Earn 5,000 bonus miles when you make your first purchase.
  • Earn miles for daily groceries or gas.
  • Earn on PIN Point of Sales as well as on signature-based purchases.
  • Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on daily purchases.
  • 2 miles for every $1 on direct Delta purchases.

How to Apply for Delta SkyMiles Check Cards

So, you already know all about Delta SkyMiles Check Card, now read the instructions below on how to apply for it. You have two options to apply for it:

  • The first option is to visit the following URL:
  • On the main page, click “Sign Up”.
  • Enter your basic info such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, etc.
  • Then, your contact info such as Country, Region, City, Address, Area Code, Phone Number, Email, etc.
  • Then, set up your log in info such as Username, Password, and Security Question.
  • Select your preferred language and click “Complete’.
  • Or if you already have an account with Delta, you only need to click the “LOG IN” button on the main page.
  • Once the page is redirected, enter your SkyMiles Number or Username and Password.
  • Click, “Log in” to continue.
  • The second option is that you call to sign up via phone at 877-809-5248. Follow the instructions to sign up.

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