View Paychecks, Benefits and Much More on Macy’s Employee Connection

If you work at Bloomingdale or Macy’s then you need the Macy’s Employee Connection to review the status of your paycheck, understand the benefits the company offers you and get the latest news about your employer. The site was designed to help the employees receive important information about the company and the benefits they get with the job.


Instructions for Signing In

You can get the following benefits when you work at Macy’s and the information of these benefits is uploaded on the Macy’s Employee Connection website here Health benefits, internet links, retirement solutions and other store benefits. The links are provided on the website and you can read up more on it once you sign in. Detailed information is provided on all the benefits with instructions on how to avail them.

The category of forms available include welfare benefits, flexible spending, tax forms and charity donations. You can download the form, fill it out and send it to the HR representative at your respective branch. It is important to note that it takes a few minutes to download the forms from Macy’s Employee Connection.

Macy’s Employee Connection

To open and view the forms your computer should have the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have that program then you can find the link to download it on the Macy’s Employee Connection website as well. The communication column has corporate information, sustainability plans, company official websites and other links for communication. You can access these links and stay updated with what is happening at Macy’s.

You can also view information on paycheck, income tax, credit union and other bill payment sources. If you are not a Macy employee but would like to be one then you can look at the job listings available and apply for one. Financial suggestions are also available on the website powered by Well’s Fargo.


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