Join the TRICARE Pharmacy Program to Keep Track of Your Prescriptions!

Join the TRICARE Pharmacy Program

The TRICARE Pharmacy Program was created to provide the beneficiaries with all the benefits offered by the pharmacy. This program is for those who are currently on duty, retired servicemen or the reserve members. The benefits are also expressed to the dependents of these beneficiaries. TRICARE has partnered with Express Scripts to provide the retail, home delivery and other specialty services. There is no fee required to enroll in the TRICARE Pharmacy Program. Once you have enrolled in this program you will be eligible for a qualified and comprehensive drug prescription coverage under the beneficiary clause. There are four convenient ways to refill the prescriptions and many copayment options are offered as well. You can avail the TRICARE Pharmacy Program benefits according to your own needs.


What is Express Scripts?

Express Scripts is a Fortune 100 company that manages the pharmacy benefits and provides treatment and valuable information to each of its customers. They develop drug plans for government organizations, companies, unions and other enterprises. They ensure that the prescription drugs are being used in a safe manner and they are available at affordable prices. Express Scripts manages millions of prescriptions every year through retail pharmacies and home delivery. They are now working with TRICARE as their contactor to provide the retail network services as well as delivery to the customer’s doorstep.


Activating the TRICARE Pharmacy Program

You will need to have a reliable internet connection and a computer. The ID number of the sponsor and a valid email address is also required for registration.

  1. Open the TRICARE Pharmacy Program website given at the following link
  2. Click ‘Activate Your Account’ to create a new one.
  3. Enter the information required including the ID number and email address.
  4. Your account has been created. However, to be eligible for the TRICARE Pharmacy Program you need to request the filling a prescription after which you will be notified whether or not you have been approved.

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