Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs: Find Employment Near You

The Deepwater Horizon of 2010 was a devastating travesty. The entire gulf coast water was contaminated with the oil. Lives were lost – 11 people passed away and 17 were injured. The major industries the residents depended on were in loss, since the water was closed for fishing, people were left unemployed. This led to approximately 8000-12000 people losing their jobs. The impact can still be seen today Florida’s unemployment rate which was 11.1% in May but then it spiked up to 11.6% in June. Even tourists have stopped coming for vacations to Florida due to the incident. Thus, only proving how much the people of Florida are suffering. To help the victims, Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs works is Employ Florida’s effort to help the victims.Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs


To receive their aid, you can visit the site www.floridajobs.org and then you can choose from the many options Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs provide; from business planning to labor market statistics even reemployment assistance. You can create an account on their website either as a claimant or an employer, and can get updates to your emails about a new job opening or someone looking for a job. Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs do much more than just that to help victims through supporting their small business or providing easy access to loans and grants for them.

They help with business; they provide loans to small business which you can check under their small business assistance. Then they provide many resources to find jobs in Florida. They link sites and also tips to improve your chances of getting the job. Along with that they also help veterans find a new job especially after the trauma they must have faced. Moreover, Florida Gulf Recovery Jobs also helps with getting grants. Florida Job Growth Grant Fund is a new economic development program designed to build on Florida’s success and economic prosperity since 2010. The fund will promote economic opportunity by improving public infrastructure and enticing workforce training. The loans for small businesses are also to support people affected by the recent hurricanes Irma, Maria, Matthew and so on.

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