Florida Unemployment Compensation for Those Who Cannot Find a New Job

The state of Florida provides compensation to those who are unemployed and cannot find a job. The information about who can receive these benefits and how they can apply for them is available on their dedicated website.


How to Apply for A Claim

You can use the Florida Unemployment Compensation website on www.fluidnow.com to find out answers to your questions about filing claims. There is also guides on how to get an extension for the unemployment insurance. If your claim is rejected then you can appeal the decision by filing an application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Unemployed through no shortcoming on your part
  • Must be actively searching for new job
  • Willing to take the job as soon as an opportunity presents itself
  • Meet the requirements for minimum wage

Services Available

You can file the reemployment assistance claim on the Florida Unemployment Compensation website as well. This process is not that long and takes about an hours to complete. The application should be submitted within 72 hours of starting the procedure or all progress made on it is lost and has to be restarted.

You can also receive the confirmation on whether or not you will be receiving the benefits from the Florida Unemployment Compensation portal. They tell you if the application has been approved but it takes about four weeks for the processing to complete and first check to arrive.

The initial form about your skills and qualifications also has to be submitted online. Only once this form is completed and submitted on Florida Unemployment Compensation can you receive the benefits. It contains information about reading, writing and mathematic skills. You also have to indicate the languages you can speak. There is also an assistance center where you can review the employment opportunities and get help in finding a new job. You must prove to the service that you are actively searching for a new job to get your benefits pay.

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