nüMaps Lifetime Updater guide

Do you have a Garmin device? Do you constantly need updates for maps because you travel a lot? Are you planning a road trip and need an updated GPS system? If yes then Garmin gives its customers the nüMaps Lifetime Updater service. Hence if you have a Garmin device containing the GPS (Global Positioning System) then you can use nüMaps Lifetime Updater for keeping your device up to date. In this article we will tell you how you can update your device using the nüMaps Lifetime Updater service. This service basically provides free new maps updates that you can download in your computer and later upload them into your Garmin device.

nüMaps Lifetime Updater gives free maps updates for your Garmin device for a lifetime. And using their maps is not only easy but very convenient as well. You can hence download maps anytime in your computer with their updating software. And later upload these maps in your Garmin Device.

About Garmin Ltd.

Garmin Ltd. is an American multinational technology company that produces high quality marine and consumer technology and avionics. It was formerly known as ProNav. They use GPS in all their devices. The company was founded in 1989 in Lenaxa Kansas. Majority of the Garmin products are produced in Taiwan. They have their own production facilities. Their products are mainly sold online and it is an online business but they have one retail store situated in Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Their Headquarters are situated in Olathe, Kansas US. Its subsidiaries include Navigon, Navionics, DeLorme, FUSION Entertainment etc. Garmin currently has about 10,000 employees working for them. They annually generate a revenue of about $3.01 billion.

How Can to Get Map Updates for a Garmin Device with nüMaps

For updating your Garmin device you first need a computer with access to the internet. With that you also need a Garmin device with its USB cable. Moreover you must have obtained a nüMaps Lifetime Updater subscription first. It must be remembered that for getting updates you must have one of the following software installed in your PC Windows, Windows XP or newer. If you have a Mac or Mac OS 10.5.8 that can work too. Follow these steps to update your device:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Garmin life updater website on this link http://www.garmin.com/lifetimeupdater.
  2. On the screen there will be an option for ‘download for windows’, click on it if you have a windows computer and download the Garmin Lifetime Updater application.
  3. If you have mac then you can click on the ‘download for Mac’ option.
  4. After that connect your device to your computer via the data cable and open the Garmin Lifetime Updater application.
  5. Next save your Garmin device in the application.
  6. New maps will then automatically be updated on your computer.
  7. You can always connect your Garmin device to your computer to upload new maps.

Further links

  1. Garmin Lifetime Updater website: http://www.garmin.com/lifetimeupdater
  2. Garmin Support website: http://www.garmin.com/us/support


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