Gift Card Mall Gift Card: The Best Quality Gift Cards For You!

Now, if you are looking for the best gift card deals to give to your employees because Christmas will be here before you know it, you should know that you need to keep in mind your budget but you also need to keep in mind the quality and the customer service that comes with the cards. And which better place to go to other than Gift Card Mall to make your employees Christmas celebration one of the best? But there’s a tiny manual that comes with it – Activation of the Gift Card Mall Gift Card and do not worry, we will teach you all that we can but you have to keep reading!

While mostly the Gift Card Mall Gift Card do not need registration, some cards do and if you have more than 15 cards from the same brand, you must activate them. You will know that because the bundle will have the Activation Required sticker on it. Now how do you perform the activation? Well, you follow this:

  1. You can get your cards activated either in a bulk or one by one.
  2. You can go to and select ACTIVATION
  3. Enter the gift card numbers there
  4. Then enter the 4 digit activation code that will be inside the carrier box.
  5. Now hit ACTIVATION and that is it!

If this does not work for you, you can always call on 877-426-2551 and get some help. You know that if you have a VISA Gift Card Mall Gift Card, you should go for activation right away due to added perks, offers and bonuses.

What is Gift Card Mall?

Well, if you do not already know about this place then we can briefly introduce you. Gift Card Mall is an online store where you get best retail brand gift cards that can be delivered to you through mail or email. With that, they carry a range of gift cards with varying balance that you can enter. If you want to check you balance, you can go to their website and do so!

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