Keep Track of Hyundai MPG Rewards Card Transactions

So what is Hyundai MPG Rewards Card? Hyundai America has recently released MPG cards for the benefit and convenience of its customers. A lot of companies issue prepaid cards as a reward scheme to benefit the customer and themselves, if you are a Hyundai MPG Reward holder it would be worthwhile for you to obtain some information about this new reward scheme.

Instructions For Hyundai MPG Rewards Card

The Hyundai MPG reward card is a prepaid card offered by the company which is preloaded with a certain amount of money. The card provides convenience to Hyundai customers and can be accepted anywhere VISA and MASTERCARD is accepted.

Activating the Hyundai MPG Rewards Card is very easy. There are 2 options for activation.

  • Please go to the following link You have click “activate card” and you can proceed to log on to the card activation interface. Once there you are required to input your mastercard number for the sake of security and once complete you may proceed.
  • OR you can call Hyundai Motor America at 1-888-867-8032. Please keep in mind before making the call make sure you have your card number and your Vehicle Identification Number available. The VIN is a 17-digit number imprinted on your vehicle. It can be found in 3 places of your car, first the lower left corner of the dashboard, your DMV registration card or the driver’s side door jam.

Also keep in mind to immediately sign the back of your card after activation. You can shop and use your card for transactions after 2 hours of activation, you can also check your card balance after activation. In case you forgot your identification number press the “Forget Pin” option.

In case you have any more queries related Hyundai reward cards please visit the FAQs section on the website, or you can turn to customer service for help.

About Hyundai America Motors

Hyundai America Motors was founded in 1985 with its HQ located in Costa Mesa, California. It is the subsidy of the original Hyundai Motor Company based out of Korea, which produces half of the Hyundai brand cars sold in the United States. The company uses state of the art technology with its advanced manufacturing facilities based out of Alabama. The main product Hyundai focuses on are its two passenger car models known as the Elantra and Sonata. Hyundai has its specialties in manufacturing, franchise and automotive sales.

Hyundai America Motors

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