Use the Mercer iBenefits Center to Get The Perks That Come With Your Job

Mercer is the professional health benefits, risk and finance solutions consulting and retirement services provider. All the services they offer are uploaded on their website. The Mercer iBenefits Center has the most comprehensive guide for all the information about your healthcare and financial benefits. The status of the benefits and forms relevant to them are also provided on the website.


How to Access Your Benefits

To check your benefits and other information online you will need a username and password. These login credentials are given to new employees when they join the company. The username has to be unique and password should be strong so no one else can guess it and hack into your account.

Visit the Mercer iBenefits Center on the following link and then use the username and password you have been provided to log in. On your first time signing in you will be asked to select three security questions which you can use later to recover your account incase you ever forget the username or password.

The username and password has to be decided according to the guidelines set by your employer. If there are any difficulties logging in or any other problems related to the account then you can call the toll-free number 1-800-752-9917 for the Mercer iBenefits Center and talk to the plan service representative who will talk you through the procedure.

More About Mercer

Mercer is the leading company for products and services related to HR and financial advice. They are trusted all over the world and clients work with them to make a positive impact on the society. Mercer enhances the financial security and retirement benefits offered by an employer. They also have products that can boost the productivity, health, wellbeing of the workforce. Mercer strives to help their clients maintain a working relationship with their employers.

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