Find Doctor and Book Appointments Through Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor!

You can now choose a doctor online through the service provided by the Permanente Medical Group. This is a Kaiser Permanente affiliate service for those who do not already have a personal physician. You can select a physician or nurse for yourself or your family members online. If you want to change your present doctor then you can do that too. When you select a doctor using the Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor service you can read the details on available doctors in the area and then make an informed decision. Through the Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor website you will be able to find a medical professional that suits your needs.

Kaiser Permanente Choose

About the Permanente Medical Group

The Permanente Medical Group a regional entity that is a part of Kaiser Permanente and is the largest health care organization managed in the United States. The Permanente Medical Group is autonomous and provides online services. Clients can select a doctor, schedule appointments and find out more about their physicians through Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor.

How to Use the Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor?

To be able to use the service you should be a client with the Permanente Medical Group and have your Kaiser Permanente record number with you.

Kaiser Permanente Choose

  1. Open the Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor website on
  2. Select the “Get Information on Available Doctors” option and then enter your ZIP code to find someone within a 5-mile radius.
  3. Choose the area of specialization such as Pediatrics, Gynecology, ENT or etc.
  4. From the search results choose the medial facility you want when you are ready.
  5. Provide your personal information and Kaiser medical record number to continue.
  6. You can see a list of doctors available at that facility and then select one according to your preference or change one that you have previously selected on Kaiser Permanente Choose Doctor.

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