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Sitting at your home, getting bored because even though your vacations have started, you cannot find anything to do with yourself. Dragging yourself out of your bed, you walk around looking for something or someone to play with but your siblings are busy with their own social life and all your friends are busy. What can you possibly do? All of a sudden, a memory comes rushing into your head, something about a gaming website online that has very interesting games. Well, have you ever had a single website where you can play all your favorite games and for free of cost? If your answer is no, you still have not witnessed the amazing website that is Miniclip! Try playing Bubble Trouble or 8 Ball Pool and then tell me if you have automatically become a fan of Miniclip or not. It even has other sports games including soccer, cricket, badminton, tennis, you name it and Miniclip is not going to disappoint you. The girls do not need to worry about anything either; with color switch, tiny castle and several other cooking and dress up games, Miniclip covers just about everything. So, sign up right now for a Free Miniclip Account and get to playing. You can find every kind of game here: sports, racing, puzzles, action and all this with an opportunity to play as a single, double or even multi player. bubble trouble stop think win

What is Miniclip?

A site full of online games, Miniclip provides you with am enormous variety of games to choose from and enjoy. This gaming website came into being in 2001, in Switzerland and rose to fame within a short span. To cater the ever growing popularity of Miniclip, it was then translated from English into many languages, including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and more. As it has made games available for mobile phones (iOS, Windows and Android), the users of Miniclip have grown and have crossed over a billion downloads within the year of games

Sign up for a Free Miniclip Account immediately

You can get so many perks of having a Free Miniclip Account, such as saving your hgh scores on the games you have played, let your friends know on Miniclip how far you have gone on a game and even send messages to them. Moreover, you do not have to do much to create your account on Miniclip. Get a hold of a computer which has an internet access. You will also need your email address which you are using currently, then follow these two steps and you will be done!

  1. Go to the Miniclip website by clicking on
  2. At the top of the page you will see an option between “Sign up” and “Login”. Click on “Sign up”.
  3. A small window opens in front of you where you will see boxes in which you need to enter your email address and password. Click on “Register” after typing in the required information.

Guess what? This is it! You are now the proud owner of a Free Miniclip Account and that, too, without any hassle. If you have further questions, you can visit

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