Money Network ATM Locator Guidelines

Have you ever been out and needed cash badly but could not find an ATM nearby? This has happened to all of us once in a while but it would not happen again. Money Network ATM Locator service has been created specifically for this purpose. If you are a Money Network customer then then you can avail the Money Network ATM Locator service to help you find ATMs nearby. This service is not only very useful but also very quick and convenient. In this article we will tell you how you can use ATM Locator to easily find ATMs nearby.

When you use Money Network ATM Locator you can choose how you want the directions to the nearest ATM sent to you. You can have the directions of the ATM through text or maps or even both. Moreover you can also specify what types of ATMs you are looking for. You can choose ATMs that do not charge a surcharge or ATMs that allow free check cashing etc. Thus this is a very convenient service that can save you a lot of trouble.

About First Data Corporation

First Data Corporation owns Money Network. This is a payment processing company and gives electronic commerce services to its customers. First Data Corporation is headquartered in Atlanta, New Georgia. They provide services like credit, debit, payroll and gift cards and electronic check protection. Moreover they also provide fraud protection and internet and mobile commerce and payment.

How to use Money Network ATM Locator

You need a computer, laptop, mobile phone or any other device with access to the internet to use the ATM Locator. Also you should know either the general location or the ZIP code of the area you want to locate the ATM in. Follow these steps to use the Money Network ATM Locator:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Money Network ATM Locator website on this link
  2. In the space provided enter your street address or intersection. Also enter the name of your city, state or zip code. The more information you add the more specific and accurate your search results will be.
  3. Click on how you would like the directions given to you. You can have the directions via text or through the map. You can also have both the map and text for the directions.
  4. Specify the kind of ATM you are looking for. Tick on the boxes of how you want your ATM to be whether you want an ATM with Free Check Cashing, Cash Reload Network, or no Surcharge.
  5. After that select how many results you would like to get. You can choose from 10, 25 or 50.
  6. In the end click on the ‘search’ option. You will get your valid results.

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